Just Say No To Back Hair

Men expect a certain level of personal grooming from us ... shouldn't they reciprocate?!

Just Say No To Back Hair!

Men expect a certain level of personal grooming from us … shouldn’t they reciprocate?!

-Jackie Cascarano, LockandMane.com

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Since we seem to have skipped over Spring and leapt headfirst into the balmy days of summer we at Lock & Mane want to issue a call to arms for all our female friends. This is an issue we feel very strongly about after our staff spent their Memorial Day weekends at various beaches from Nantucket to New Jersey to the tropical shores of Puerto Rico: back hair.

And it isn’t the X-chromosomers who are the culprits. No, no, we women are accustomed to spending an inordinate amount of time on our personal hair removal routines. Wherever we have an errant hair we shave, pluck, wax, laser and Nair it out of existence. We do this not because we enjoy the pain and annoyance of hair removal. We do it because it is the right thing to do. Because in a civil society like ours people look at unkempt hair with disdain. Whether this is right or wrong in and of itself is a topic for another day. But because smooth hairless skin is something we strive for, it abhors us that the Y-chromosomers do not feel as ardently about grooming as we do.

Now we will say that we are totally down with some chest hair. It gives a guy some allure and frankly we think a man who goes to too great a length to wax or shave his chest has maybe gone too far. Our issue is with unkempt back hair. Yes, gorilla length all-encompassing, looks-like-he-is-wearing-a-furry-shirt back hair. It’s just gross and it is all too prevalent, at least from what we saw this weekend.

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Lock & Mane’s own Christina Goldman was incensed by this very topic after returning from a holiday jaunt: “Men expect a certain level of personal grooming from women. How many times has a guy gone to stroke your leg and recoiled in disgust from just a few hours of stubble? How many dates have you been on where you had to do an emergency shave in the restaurant bathroom with some lotion and a Duane Reade Bic because you knew you were unexpectedly getting lucky?”

If we take such care to Nair, shouldn’t the menfolk be held to the same standard?

That’s why Lock & Mane is calling all men to task. If you are particularly hairy, have funny shaped tufts of man-fur growing out of your shoulder blades like angel wings, look like a bear when you take off your polo shirt, we want you to take care of it.

As women we have to stand up for what we think is right and what we don’t want to look at while we sun on the beach. We have to come together to say, “No, back hair isn’t ok with us. Do something about it or we will quit our hair removal routines (and it won’t be pretty).”

Join us, sisters, in this fight against the scourge of our beaches and our summertime society. Just say no to back hair and the world will most definitely be a prettier place through August.


Jackie CascaranoJackie Cascarano is the Founder and Creative Director of Lock & Mane, the fastest growing luxury beauty retailer on the web. Featuring a carefully curated selection of hair products and luxe accessories along with a fun and informative style blog, Lock & Mane is the ultimate destination for luxury hair care online.

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  1. Viva l’difference, baby! I have a little (chest hair continues past my shoulders a bit); it’s wispy, but undeniably there. Don’t see myself ‘grooming’ it away in THIS lifetime. It comes with the package…….

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