Kate Middleton: Reluctant Celebrity?

Not everyone wants to live in the spotlight, but the Princess-to-be doesn't have a choice.

Kate Middleton: Reluctant Celebrity?

Not everyone wants to live in the spotlight, but the Princess-to-be doesn’t have a choice.

 -PJ Gach

kate middleton and prince willaim

I bet when Kate Middleton was a little girl, the very last thing she wished for was to live in the public eye. I’m sure like most young girls, she dreamed about being a princess, but more along the lines of a Disney princess, not a real live one.

We don’t, however chose who we fall in love with, and Kate, the daughter of party suppliers, fell in love with a gorgeous blond guy … who happened to be a prince. Since this wasn’t a Harlequin novel, reality, with all of its attendant annoyances, followed the couple wherever they went.

The press and the prince had a tacit agreement while he was in Edinburgh for school: they’d leave him alone when he was on campus, but when he had official duties, they could snap away. While the two had to keep their relationship on the DL, Kate and Prince William were able to court and cuddle like normal people.

Once Prince William graduated, sadly all bets were off. Kate was photographed, videotaped and generally hounded by the press wherever she went. Can you imagine growing up in a normal family when the only time a camera was whipped out was for special event and now when you cross the street a slew of photographers snap your every move? Slightly insane to say the least.

Throughout it all, Kate has kept a calm demeanor on the outside. We will never know what she says to friends about all the noise that follows her (unless they sell it to the press), but Kate remains cool, collected and chic. I don’t think many people could handle her situation with as much grace as she does. I know I couldn’t. I’d probably pull a Britney and smack them all with umbrellas.

While they were dating, did Kate think that by playing Mistress Ice Cube there would be a big pay off — i.e. an engagement ring in the end? Or did she just want to live her life with minimal fuss? Either way, her composure never cracked unlike one of her predecessors, Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York (or Pork as her detractors like to call her) did in public. Sarah, unlike Kate, relished the spotlight and at times went overboard to capture the tabloids attention, then attacked them when they continued to cover her. The Duchess of York never got that you couldn’t play with the paparazzi.

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Since her engagement, everything Kate has worn has sold out, been copied or is being re-issued. Every movement she makes is now of global importance. Since her engagement, she has been compared to her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana, at almost every step and turn.

If Kate hadn’t fallen in love with Prince William, would she have become as famous as she is now? Highly doubtful. She studied Art History in college and went to work in retail. One might have seen her in an occasional society page photo. With the exception of one catwalk (in college, where she met the prince) Kate’s been more interested in playing sports, working and living a normal life.

All that’s gone now. Until she dies, Kate Middleton will be endlessly photographed, asked inane questions in interviews, videotaped for news stories, and have her fashion, beauty and life dissected (like right now). Simply put, she will live under a microscope.

Kate was never a famewhore. Kate never chased after the limelight. She wanted a career and someone to love. Well, there was a little extra in the package she chose.

The next time you’re tempted to ridicule this young woman, remember one thing: she never actively sought out celebrity, she never sought out having her “name in lights” — she only wanted a good man.

 PJ Gach is the Senior Editor: Style + Beauty at BettyConfidential.

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