Kelly Osbourne's Emmy Awards Manicure Cost HOW Much?!

Would you ever spring for a $250,000 manicure? Because Kelly Osbourne just did.

Kelly Osbourne’s Emmy Awards Manicure Cost HOW Much?!

Would you ever spring for a $250,000 manicure? Because Kelly Osbourne just did.

-Lucia Peters

Kelly Osbourne

Brace yourselves, Bettys, because the answer to this question is even more ridiculous than it was when we were asking how much Emily Maynard’s wardrobe for The Bachelorette cost. Are you ready for this?


Yes, you read it correctly: A QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS is how much Kelly Osbourne’s Emmy Awards manicure cost. I don’t know about you, but I can’t even FATHOM having put that much money into my nails. Yikes!

Here’s a closer look:

Kelly Osbourne Azature nails

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Want to know WHY it cost that much? Because Kelly used a polish created by Los Angeles-based luxury jeweler Azature. The polish, which was released last month, contains 267 carats of black diamonds in it; it also has the somewhat dubious honor of having stolen the title of “Most Expensive Nail Polish in the World” from its previous holder, the $130,000 bottle of lacquer produced by Model’s Own in 2010 (it was capped by a 24-carat gold, diamond-encrusted lid). Only one other person in the world besides Kelly has worn Azature’s black diamond nail polish, and that person is Jennifer Lopez.

I suppose at least Kelly had a relatively healthy sense of how ridiculous her mani was. Earlier in the day, she Instagrammed a pic of the nail polish bottle along with the message, “About to get a $250k manicure w nail polish made w blk diamonds made by @azature so excited & honored but absolutely sh*****g myself to have that much money on my nails!”; then later at the awards show itself, she told E! News (according, at least, to the Daily Mail), “I’ve been so scared to touch anything because [the polish] is powdered black diamonds… worth $250,000. I’m the only person they let wear it, it’s in a safe upstairs in the hotel room. I couldn’t believe it. I have not touched a thing all day.”

Kelly’s stylist, Nicolas Bru, came up with the idea in the first place. He explains about the look, “I was very inspired by the neo-goth look presented on the runways this fall, and I wanted to mix that up with red carpet glamor.” The result was the somewhat polarizing purple Zac Posen number Kelly wore on the red carpet combined with that outrageously expensive manicure. Wacky? Um… just a little.

Tell us: If you had unlimited resources and money was no object, would you get a $250,000 dollar manicure?

Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential’s associate editor.

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0 thoughts on “Kelly Osbourne's Emmy Awards Manicure Cost HOW Much?!

  1. How F*#king Sad! $250,000 on a manicure! WTF! That money could go to something helpful, something selfless. BUT instead that is what she spends $250,000 on! I am saddened and angry about this. The charities, the people, the children, the programs, and help that $250,000 could have paid for! It is not much to the big picture but that amount of money could have seriously helped.

  2. Actually, she didn’t pay for the manicure. Not that I’m defending Kelly or the utter ridiculousness of a $250K manicure (that is truly obscene), but it sounds like the manufacturer of the nail polish was doing the same thing jewelry and clothing designers do: “loaning” an expensive look to a celebrity to generate some buzz. Their goal is probably to find paying customers willing to buy the polish – though who would ever spend that kind of money on polish is beyond me.

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