Lady Gaga Is At It Again!

The singer causes a stir at another baseball game.

Lady Gaga Is At It Again!

The singer causes a stir at another baseball game.

-Faye Brennan

 Lady Gaga

It looks like the queen of pop forgot to take her crazy pills again – the singer wreaked havoc at yet another baseball game. This time, poor Yankees fans had to endure her barely-clothed antics and her boob-grabbin’ ways.

The New York Post reports that Gaga, 24, was throwin’ back Jameson Irish Whiskey at the stadium on Friday night. Her Yankees jersey was doing little to cover up her black bra, panties, and fishnets, and the Post says, “She kept groping her chest over her jersey.” Classy.

Gaga even managed to talk her way past a security guard to hang out with Robinson Cano and some of the other Yankees in their clubhouse after the game, which the Yankees lost. Gaga was apparently visibly drunk, slurring her words and gushing to the team about how big a fan she is.

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The team’s General Manager, Brian Cashman, said that although Gaga isn’t banned from the stadium, she won’t be invited to the Yankees clubhouse again anytime soon.  “She’s not banned,” he told ESPN. But, “that was the wrong time and the wrong place. It’s been taken care of.”

So, let’s take it easy on the public appearances for a while there, Gaga. And, if you’re going to drink whiskey, put it in a cup. (New York Post, ESPN)

Faye Brennan is assistant editor at BettyConfidential.

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  1. It’s not a big deal! If you had her star power it might be fun to get a little rowdy and get into the Yankees clubhouse. big deal… she’s young and famous- can she get a tiny bit wild or is that banned?

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