Lilo's In Jail: How Do You Feel?

What do the Betty Editors have to say about Lindsay Lohan's incarceration?
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Lilo’s In Jail: How Do You Feel?

What do the Betty Editors have to say about Lindsay Lohan’s incarceration?

-The Betty Editors

Lindsay Lohan

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that yesterday morning, Lindsay Lohan reported for a 90-day stay in jail followed by a 90-day stint in rehab. If she’s on her best behavior, Lindsay will likely be released in less than two weeks due to overcrowding, according to The Betty editors weighed in on Lindsay’s incarceration and how she got there.

“I feel a little sorry for her as she’s getting so much media attention, which I’m sure is so awful to deal with. But, on the other hand, I think she needs a break from her life and the way she’s living it — and if that means spending some time in jail, then so be it. She needs to understand that her current lifestyle is harmful to herself and others. She can’t just ‘get away’ with everything because she’s a movie star (and a failing one at that). But, now that her sentence can possibly be reduced to 12-13 days, I’m not sure it’s enough time for her to learn any sort of lesson. If she comes out of this experience even more wild or media hungry, then it will be a huge shame.”
-Faye Brennan, assistant editor

“I have to admit, I feel for her. I know that people overcome much worse adversity in life to make the most of themselves, but it really seems like no one ever helped Lindsay nurture her own inner resources. The combination of fame at such an early age and what appears to be complete lack of healthy parental guidance…. it’s no wonder she’s a mess. When you add addiction to the picture … my heart really goes out to her. It’s a funny way to feel about someone you’ve never met, but in a way, we all know her — at least this public persona. She’s a little girl lost — I hope she finds it within herself to grow up and be healthy.”
-April Daniels Hussar, executive editor

“Part of me feels sorry for her because it’s obvious that she has problems on so many levels, and part of me wants to bitch-slap her into next week. Yeah, we can blame her freak show parents for this mess – what parent in their right mind lets a 17-year-old move to Hollywood by herself? Then says it’s okay to move in with an older guy? However, she’s a very intelligent person, just by looking at the consequences of other people’s bad behaviors around her – she knows what she’s doing – and trying to get away with isn’t right, but she continues to do them. Everyone has a moral compass, so I find it doubtful that she doesn’t understand why she has to go to jail. The fact that she ignored the law like a self-entitled brat, in the end, kills any sympathy for her. This is probably the best thing that could happen to her. If she doesn’t wake up and get help, she could be dead in a year or two.”
-PJ Gach, senior editor

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0 thoughts on “Lilo's In Jail: How Do You Feel?

  1. You feel for her??? Seriously? This girl is an out of control whoring drinking drug using abusive narcissist. She tells people that the police won’t do an F-ing thing to her because she is a celebrity. She goes to another country and claimed she missed her flight back to US for court date, but could not provide proof that she ever even had a return ticket. If anyone deserves to sit her @ss in jail for the full term it would have to be the likes of her. How is this not a no brainer? She is a trainwreck who abuses everyone around her because of her celebrity status. She is a joke. Lock her up and throw away the key. The world will be a little better place for the rest of us while she’s gone.

  2. I don’t feel sorry for her, she’s responsible for all this….and to top it off she’s allowed to take her pill collection in jail…this is a joke…
    Also I have friends who have met her…she’s a nasty person…sorry for her…I wish she’d just go away forever…but it looks like we’re all stuck with her for a while longer..

  3. I would only hope that everyone who is judging her… never has to be judged by others in the same manner, yet they be judged just as harshly ;( We should have compassion for everyone and anyone because you are not perfect either.

  4. In a wayi feel sorry for her, but she brought all this on herself. These celebs think they are above reproach. Look at Charlie Sheen and Mel nothing but trash with cash

  5. dont feel sorry for her because she has to stop the life she has been living. and to go to the court room and have what she had on her fingernails she didnt show any respect to that judge at all some roll model she is for the young girls that would like to be like she needs to get help and then maybe the young girls can look up to her

  6. I doubt this will be a life-changing experience for her, but for her own sake I hope it is.

    I hate to be the grammar police but what kind of sentence is this:
    “By not complying exactly with the orders of the judge and claiming that each mess up or absence was a mistake, Judge Revel was really going to look like an idiot if she didn’t punish Lindsay severely”?

  7. Nope, dont feel sorry for her one bit. When she turned herself in she was about 10 minutes late – thats just another slap in the face of the judge. Shes a spoiled brat & uses her celebrity status to use & abuse. I think she deserve to serve the full 90 days, overcrowded or not.

  8. FEEL SORRY ,YES!She has worked since she is a baby,told what to do,how to do it and manipulated by her parisite parents.They all live off of hr.Sheis their cash cow.She has very little schooling due to her work schedule.Has not had a year off of work in how many years!!This my slow her down and let her think about her behavior and life and maybe she wil make good changes!I hope while she is in there she get good conseling! i hope she can learn to think for herself…..take car of herself.

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