Major Girl Crush: Keri Russell Is Making Me Swoon In The Post Today

In which Keri Russell gives me a new life motto.

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YOU GUYS. Have you been watching The Americans on FX? If not, just stop what you are doing right now and go Apple TV it or Amazon it or whatever you people do when you crack-binge on shows. SO. GOOD.  I have equal crushes on stars Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell, who play a hot couple of married Soviet spies back in the ’80s. It’s super sexy and thrilling and also fun to see how super retro the ’80s look. Like for reals.

I had no idea what an excellent actress Ms Russell is until I started watching The Americans — I guess I just always thought of her as “That Neutrogena Girl.” Wow. ANYWAY, she’s on the over of today’s ALEXA, the broadsheet that comes free in the New York Post, and she’s being basically awesome. I totally can’t wait to see her next movie, “Austenland.”


Here are some of the best bits from the interview:

On Russell’s juicy role in The Americans

“I like playing a person who isn’t the perfect role model, who has this whole other life beyond making school lunches and putting kids to bed. No matter how close you think you are to someone, you don’t truly know anybody. The spy stuff is a metaphor that allows the stakes to be really high. But to me, ‘You want to defect?’ is just an extreme version of, ‘You’re having an affair?’ It’s cool.”

On the difficulty of being a child star:

“I felt pressure, I did. At an age when just trying to figure out who you are is pressure enough. Luckily, paparazzi weren’t as big a deal then as they are now. I want to say to everyone, ‘Let them be kids! They’re supposed to cheat on each other and break up, they’re teenagers, let them be!’ I think it’s important to be able to make mistakes.”

On the sexual repression in her new film “Austenland”:

“I think people want a meeting of the minds, to be courted, and that’s what Austen offers. Especially in our time of such blatant physical sexuality everywhere, I think people respond to emotional, intellectual connection. Of course anytime you’re restrained from doing something, you only want to do it more.

On her life from Mouseketeer to mom:

“I found being a public entity challenging. I’d started getting really nervous in social situations. To be so accessible was hard. Maybe I’m more at ease now because I’m so exhausted. It turns down the volume on the nervousness; ‘Who cares what that person thinks? I need a nap.’”

LOOOOOVE her. In fact, I think I am going to adopt that as my new life motto. Who cares what that person thinks? I need a nap!!!!

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