Mark Wahlberg's 9/11 Comments: What Does it Take to Lose Your Crush on a Celeb?

Sometimes celebs say dumb things-- so dumb that you end up immediately cured of your crushes on them. What does it take?

Mark Wahlberg’s 9/11 Comments: What Does it Take to Lose Your Crush on a Celeb?

Sometimes celebs say dumb things– so dumb that you end up immediately cured of your crushes on them. What does it take?

-Piper Weiss, Yahoo! Shine

Mark Wahlberg

Whenever I think of Mark Wahlberg, I think of my best friend who surprised me once by admitting she’s hot for him. I’d never pegged her for a Wahlberg type, or even a type to have a celebrity crush, but she made a good case for her attraction: he’s got a great build that’s not too boyish, he can do comedy as well as drama which suggests he’s smart, he’s fairly stable compared to most actors and he’s got this sexy way of looking at an actress’s lips when she talks.

Clearly, her crush was the real deal. And I supported it.

Then Mark goes ahead and makes a deeply uninformed, slightly insane statement about the 9/11 attacks while promoting his latest movie and ruins everything. If you haven’t seen it already here’s the quote: “‘If I was on that plane with my kids, it wouldn’t have went down like it did. There would have been a lot of blood in that first class cabin and then me saying “OK, we’re going to land somewhere safely, don’t worry”.’

Obviously something is wrong with the way his brain works, particularly with regards to his own capabilities. He’s also lacking a profound level of sensitivity. Never mind his ignorance about actual terrorist situations that don’t take place three feet from a catering table.

For my friend, it was all over. As much as she tried, he was rendered uncrushable.

“It’s kind of like when guys you like in real life say something so dumb you want to ignore it, but you just cant,” she explained to me. “After that, it’s just done.”

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We’d like to think the best of our celebrity crushes, even if we know better. They’re our models of what we find attractive and we assign certain characteristics to them that may not be there just to help guide us towards the guys we want in real life. In return, we help keep their fame afloat. No harm, no foul.

But when one of them lets their real personality out and it ain’t pretty, it can really put a damper on your fantasy life. I used to think my own crush, Wahlberg’s The Fighter co-star Christian Bale, was infallible. I hankered for him since Empire of the Sun. But hearing that audio recording where belittles crew members on the set of Terminator Salvation was the kiss of death for our made-up relationship.

I imagine women with secret Ashton Kutcher crushes– you can’t say he’s not pretty– have had their mental erections doused after his whole weird hot tub cheating scandal and the head-hanging aftermath.

Ditto Jude Law, least sexiest man alive after Nanny-gate. No need even to touch on Mel Gibson.

Terrence Howard is another one, but his offenses can sometimes slip behind a curtain in my brain, causing an argument between the two hemispheres. Wow, he’s hot. And talented. Yes but remember how he makes women clean themselves with baby wipes? Oh yeah. That’s offensive. But wait, was that a real thing? Yeah. Damn.

Has anyone else had this experience? Have you ever had to dump a celebrity crush after a glimpse at their unfiltered side?

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