Mean Betty: Anna Dello Russo's H&M Collection Is Going for HOW Much on eBay?!

Anna Dello Russo's collection for H&M has hit eBay-at EIGHT TIMES its retail price. Meanie wonders just how greedy the world has gotten!

Mean Betty: Anna Dello Russo’s H&M Collection Is Going for HOW Much on eBay?!

Anna Dello Russo’s collection for H&M has hit eBay—at EIGHT TIMES its retail price. Meanie wonders just how greedy the world has gotten!

-Mean Betty

Anna Dello Russo for H and M

Oh, kittens. Do you ever wonder exactly what is wrong with the world? Meanie certainly does, especially when she hears about such incidents as this. Butler dear, would you hand Meanie another mimosa, please? She’s going to need some extra fortitude to get through this difficult time.

Ah, that’s better. Now then: What’s this all about? Allow Meanie to enlighten you:

The Anna Della Russo for H&M collection hit stores last Friday, and predictably, the pieces were gone in the blink of an eye, snapped up by determined fashionistas unafraid to elbow their fellow shoppers out of the way in their quest for the perfect pair of boots or a blinged-out set of sunglasses. In the event that you weren’t able to partake in the shopping stampede yourself (Meanie, for example, stayed far, FAR away), you can still snap up the pieces on eBay… IF, that is, you are willing to pay as much as eight times their regular retail prices. Is Meanie alone in feeling absolutely sickened by this?

Take, for instance, this feathered hat, which retails for $149:

Anna Dello Ruso H and M feathered hat

Listings on eBay for that very same hat give it a “Buy It Now” price of $529.99.

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Or consider this turquoise hard shell suitcase, which also retails for $149:

Anna Dello Russo for H and M suitcase

On eBay, that selfsame suitcase had bids upwards of $500 and a “Buy It Now” price of $1,200. $1,200 for a $149 suitcase?! Who in their right mind would make that sort of purchase? And perhaps even more pressingly, who in their right mind could in good conscience make a listing like that in the first place?

What is it about high-end designer collaborations with lower-end stores that seems to bring out the worst in us all? On the one hand, Meanie—who is definitely a connoisseur of the finer things in life—can understand the draw of owning a limited-edition, extremely exclusive piece; she can understand it even more knowing how the prices of these collabs compare to their standard retail prices. But simply put, exclusivity and lower prices does NOT, under any circumstances, excuse the greed which emerges in their presence.

Remember that couple who hoarded the entire Jason Wu for Target collection? Or the Missoni for Target debacle of 2011? To be fair, the Missoni disaster was less because of greedy shoppers and more due to Target’s poor organization; but some of those shoppers who were lucky enough to snap up those pieces took the opportunity to profit off of it anyway. In any event, such behavior totally undermines the point of these collabs: That is, to bring designer goods to those who may not be able to afford designer prices (and kittens, let’s face it, most of us are not JLo or Beyonce).

Perhaps it’s simply human nature to exploit weaknesses and turn them into strengths; but if it is, Meanie can think of a million better ways this foible of ours could be put to use than causing prices for goods such as these to skyrocket—especially as these particular goods are ultimately not at all necessary for our survival.

Oh dear. Meanie has just had a thought. Say that we reach a point where this sort of behavior is happening surrounding goods which ARE necessary for our survival? Say, in a post-apocalyptic scenario? Horrors! Is there no hope for human beings at all?!

Butler, dear? Meanie is going to need something a little stronger than a mimosa this morning…


Mean Betty

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