Mean Betty Asks, "Are We Over The Kardashian Klan?"

Have Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall and the rest of the Kardashians finally jumped the shark?

Mean Betty Asks, “Are We Over The Kardashian Klan?”

Have Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall and the rest finally jumped the shark?

-Mean Betty

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Everywhere you turn these days, you read another Kim Kardashian story — she’s divorcing Kris Humphries; she’s debating whether or not to return her wedding presents; she’s maybe paying her soon-to-be-ex husband $2 million for her engagement ring …. Sister Khloe acts like a big satellite, revolving around Kim, and that’s just when she’s not making snarky remarks. Kourtney, the eldest as well as the shortest of the sisters, plays tug-o-war with her partner, Scott Disick. Baby (and we mean baby) sister Kendall’s been pushed into the world of modeling. But what is really frightening, to Mean Betty at least, is the fact that Mean Betty can recite all this information without once hitting Google.

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The Kardashians’ constant swimming in the limelight has made Mean Betty reach for a medicinal shot of tequila more than once. And now Meanie asks, ”Are we done with them yet? Has the Kardashian Klan exposed themselves to the point where we just don’t care any more? Has the world finally looked at the overly made-up faces, put their fingers in their ears to prevent hearing the over-privileged whine grate in their ears any more, and just sat up and yelled., Enough all ready!”?

 kim kardshian in minnesota

The latest Kim news is that she’s run to Minnesota to speak with Kris. TMZ  reports that she’s going to have counseling with Kris and a pastor. Kittens, this of course begs the question, is she doing this because she wants to stay married, or is she doing this to stave off any more bad press? The above photo is of Kim outside Kris Humphries’ home. Meanie wonders if she’s saying, “Mom, I really don’t want to be here. I don’t like him, I don’t care what people are saying, I don’t care about spinning this, there aren’t any good malls here, there isn’t any sunshine here, and can I come home?”

Mom Kris Jenner, wearing a Pucci dress way too young for her, appeared on The Today Show last week doing the best that she could to spin all the bad press away. But really, is their time in the sun over?

Lambies, anyone who’s wandered into their Dash stores isn’t confronted with a carefully curated collection of clothes and accessories. Instead, they’re urged to buy Kardashian-branded souvenirs. Speaking of clothing, The Washington Post reported that they just opened Kardashian Khaos at the Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Expect to find all the products the family has endorsed there. But after this latest debacle, will anyone have the urge to buy anything with their faces on it?

As “designers”, they’ve had issues in the past of blatantly copying other designers’ items and then passing them off as their own. Alexis Bittar accused Kim of re-purposing his designs as her own. Sears had to pull one of their handbags because it resembled waaay too closely one by Rebecca Minkoff. The new line of Kardashian bags, which can only be bought in Australia (which is why Kim flew there was for the launch), is allegedly brimming with bags that could be called hommages to the ones made by Celine, Balenciaga, Chloe and others.

Do they have an original thought in any of their brains? Or are they fembots created by Kris Jenner in her thirst for fame and glory?

Meanie wonders, lambkins, if the well has finally (and thankfully) dried up. The pool boy cringes whenever he hears the “K” word. The butler is at the point when if he sees a Kardashian — any Kardashian — on TV, he immediately shuts it off, then shakes quietly for a minute… or five. Then poor Meanie has to make him a drink to calm him down.

Has watching Kendall turn from a sweet and shy teen into a heavily painted model, seeing Khloe and Omar shill nuts on TV, and witnessing the general whininess of the rest of the clan, on top of the joke that was Kim’s marriage, made us say, “No more!”?

Meanie fervently hopes so. After all, there are other D-list celebs that are much more worthy of being made fun of than this group.


Mean Betty

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty Asks, "Are We Over The Kardashian Klan?"

  1. So over the Kartrashians! I live in Minnesota and let me be the first one to break the news to her: Kim we dont want you here. Take your entire family and move to go-away island with Heidi and Spencer and Teresa and Danielle. Your trip on the fame train has come to the end. buh-bye…

  2. Mom Kris wore something reminiscent of a Playboy bunny collar. Yes, Betty, it was TOTALLY inappropriate, as was her “Indian Giver” comment, both for its offensiveness and for believing that her daughter should keep a 20-carat diamond engagement ring for a marriage that lasted 72 days!

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