Mean Betty Didn't Know Pepper Spray Is a Shopping Must-Have

The Californian woman who pepper sprayed her Black Friday competition is suing Walmart!

Mean Betty Didn’t Know Pepper Spray Is a Shopping Must-Have

The Californian woman who pepper sprayed her Black Friday competition is suing Walmart!

– Mean Betty


Kittens, I don’t know if you remember the national wrestling match that was Black Friday. One crazy event stood out heads and shoulders above the rest. A woman at a Porter Ranch, California Walmart pepper sprayed her fellow customers when they got too close to the Xboxes she coveted. Whilst everyone was screaming and rubbing their eyes, this woman supposedly went to the cash register with her goodies, paid and left. In the store, according to the Huffington Post, 20 customers were dealing with sore throats and teary eyes. 

In case you forgot about the madness, here’s the video:


The story hit every newspaper from London to Sydney, Australia and beyond. After about 24 hours, Elizabeth Macias turned herself into police. According to the LA Times, police decided not to charge her with a felony, but at one point were debating whether or not to charge her with a misdemeanor. During the investigation, it came to light that she might have used the pepper spray to “protect herself: against voracious shoppers.

“I’m not saying it was right. It could have been a situation that she was in fear for her safety, that she would be crushed,” said LAPD Det. Mike Fesperman told the LA Times. “It (this case) comes down to whether it was a matter of self-preservation or she was trying to gain access to the games.”

Kittens, before you whip out her hankies and sob with sympathy for Ms. Macias, ask yourself this, who in her right mind thinks pepper spray is the perfect shopping accessory? If you’re knowingly going into a dangerous shopping expedition…first of all, why would a sane person throw themselves into a sitch where you know ahead of time that you’re going to get physical? And secondly, is the bargain you’re getting worth the beat down you’re going to get?

Ms. Macias didn’t only fend off shoppers with pepper spray; she’s now thinking of suing Walmart! That’s right kittens! In a wild turn of events, Ms. Macias, like many self-entitled people, is now blaming someone else for her bad behavior. After all, rushing through her turkey dinner, running to Walmart, getting in line at the store, waiting for it to open, and allegedly telling the security guard ahead of time that she’s got pepper spray and isn’t afraid to use it, is all Walmart’s fault! Yes, Walmart came to her house and demanded that she shop there. Oh and fairies are real.

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What’s that kittens? Oh, that tiny bit about how Macias mentioned to a security guard before the store opened that she was armed and prepped to use the spray against her fellow customers? Christna Acuna, one of the witnesses who saw her tell the security guard that she was ready to rock the sale, remembers her showing off her shiny tool. “I remember her specifically showing the security guy that she had pepper spray attached to her purse strap,” said Acuna.

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Of course Macias’ lawyer claimed that Macias only used the pepper spray because her kids were being attacked.  “My client’s daughter was being beaten and kicked and punched by another female shopper…she’s crying out “help me, mommy help me!”

There are so many things wrong with this whole story, Mean Betty’s mind boggles. Now please excuse, Meanie needs to go see if Kate Spade makes a cute pepper spray holster…


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