Mean Betty Wonders: Do We Need a Sequel to 'The Devil Wears Prada?'

'The Devil Wears Prada' book two: 'Revenge Wears Prada' will be released next April. Do we care?

Mean Betty Wonders: Do We Need a Sequel to ‘The Devil Wears Prada?’

‘The Devil Wears Prada’ book two, ‘Revenge Wears Prada,’ will be released next April. Do we care?

-Mean Betty

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When first-time author Lauren Weisberger’s book The Devil Wears Prada was released way back in 2003, it hit the best-seller book list and stayed there for months. Mean Betty remembers lending it out so many times that she was thinking about charging her friends a rental fee. Kittens, did you know that Lauren made over $4 million dollars in book and movie deals? Devil sold 1.2 million copies, so Meanie scoffs when she hears that people don’t read any more! Or is it that people only like to read gossip dressed as a novel?

Kittens, you may ask yourself — why haven’t you heard more from Lauren? Why haven’t we fought over more of her books and gone to movies based on them? Lauren wasn’t abducted by aliens — au contraire my lambies, she didn’t go anywhere and neither did her other books. Yes kittens. Meanie did say “other books.”

Lauren’s followup to Devil was Everyone Worth Knowing. It hit the New York Times Bestseller list for two weeks, and then disappeared. The next one, Chasing Harry Winston was voted by Entertainment Weekly as the “#1 Worst Book of 2008.” Lauren tried again with Last Night at Chateau Marmont back in 2010; Entertainment Weekly gave it a B. 

Poor Lauren, you can’t blame her for trying to re-capture her first book’s glory again and again and again. After all if one of your books is voted as the worst of an entire year, you can either shop yourself into a coma, move overseas where no one’s ever heard of Devil (could the only place be Antarctica?) or try again. Which is what she’s been doing, and doing and doing. It could have been that the other books failed because they didn’t get the publicity push that the first one did. It could have been that the publicity push for the first book and the idea that we were all reading an insider’s view of Vogue overshadowed the poor writing of the first book and everyone realized the lack of skills in the following books. Meanie’s leaning towards the latter theory.

Ten years have now passed — does anyone care any more about Devil heroine Andy and her cohorts? In the original book, Andy only wanted to work for a publication like the New Yorker and took the job as Miranda’s second assistant so that she could get to her goal. In the book, she ignored her roomie’s mental health issues, her friends, her boyfriend and, well basically anything that detracted her from (a) her goal and (b) her chance to whine about the good fortune she was cursed with. If Meanie’s memory serves her well, Andy did end up at her dream job — with a little help from Miranda.

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Please don’t think that Meanie’s the only one who disliked Andy. There are legions of people who didn’t like the first book, including someone who worked with Anna Wintour (whom we all presume to be the real version of Miranda Priestly, aka The Devil). That would be Kate Betts, the former Editor in Chief of Harper’s Bazaar and now a contributing editor at Time and The Daily Beast. She wrote a essay in the New York Times after The Devil Wears Prada was published and stated “…Andrea also has an unbecoming superiority complex and is just as much a snob as the snobs she is thrown in with… But Andrea makes no bones about the fashion business being beneath her.”

Kittens, if you have to the time, do read Kate’s essay, it’s interesting and oh, shall we say illuminating!

Let’s get back to the sequel — Meanie wonders if it was written to pay for a mortgage or a pair of shoes or eighty. It’s has such an original title too! Revenge Wears Prada. Does Lauren also hate Prada or does she just hate people who are doing better than her?

Andy, it turns out, didn’t light any fires writing deeply interesting articles at her dream magazine. Now she’s editing The Plunge, a bridal magazine (gasp! The horror!) and working with her one-time nemesis-turned BFF Emily (double gasp — she wants Emily Blunt to be in the movie version!) and is about to be married to the son of a titan of media (triple gasp!). Somehow the upcoming nuptials, Andy’s wacky life at the magazine, and her general hijinks attract the attention of the great white shark known as Miranda Priestly.

Is the Miranda Preistly we’ll meet if we bother to pick up the book a kinder, gentler Miranda? Or is she still a woman who would eat someone else’s children for breakfast? Are we interested enough to find out?

Meanie does hope that Lauren’s writing has finally improved so that EW won’t label this one the worst of 2013.

So kittens, will you be beating on the doors of your fave bookstore next April waiting for Andy’s sequel in the glam life of publishing or will you be washing your hair?


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