Mean Betty: Does Elin Really Deserve 3/4 Of Tiger Woods' Fortune?

The billionaire golfer will soon be a mere millionaire. He may be a cheater, but can we officially consider Elin a gold digger?

Mean Betty: Does Elin Really Deserve 3/4 Of Tiger Woods’ Fortune?

The billionaire golfer will soon be a mere millionaire. He may be a cheater, but can we officially consider Elin a gold digger?

-Mean Betty

 Elin Nordegren Woods

Well, well, well. It’s appears as if the Tiger Woods “marathon” divorce proceedings are coming to a close.  is reporting that Elin stands to walk away from her six-year marriage to the “sex addict” with a cool $750 million … or to put it another way, three-quarters of Tiger’s estimated $1 billion fortune.

Now, Mean Betty is not fan of cheaters, especially when they betray not only their wives but their children … but, honestly pets, does that seem fair?

Tiger Woods, reprehensible though we may find his private life to be, worked his entire life to become the sports success he is today. It was a life full of an amount of dedication and sacrifice most of us can only imagine (personally, Mean Betty finds keeping perfectly manicured and highlighted taxing enough!) – and Tiger earned that money, fair and square, by working his you-know-what off.

Yes, Elin is the mother of his children, and of course they are entitled to a full share of their daddy’s fortune … but six years? Three-quarters? Tell Mean Betty, dears, why is that reasonable?

Now, some of the divorce details make perfect sense to Mean Betty, primarily this little item: The Sun claims that Romeo Woods will only be able to introduce his children to a new woman if the two have married. Smart move on Elin’s part, considering Tiger’s taste in hookers girlfriends. No porn stars in the playroom, got that, Tiger?

In exchange, we are to be cruelly deprived of any juicy details from Elin, as she can reportedly never publicly speak out about Woods’s affairs — in any medium. The Sun’s source claims, “The price of the huge sum is her silence: no interviews, tell-all books, or TV appearances about this for the rest of her life – even if Tiger dies first – or she’ll lose the lot.”

Both those items actually sound like what’s in the best interest of the children, so Mean Betty gives her stamp of approval. But Elin Woods, dear, just what exactly did you do to earn $750 million in six years?


Mean Betty

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty: Does Elin Really Deserve 3/4 Of Tiger Woods' Fortune?

  1. it’s pretty extreme for sure, but she could have had a happy marriage with someone else and had a his kids instead. now she and the kids are stuck in a broken home situation forever. it always sucks.

  2. I feel that the kids deserve Daddy’s money! It should go into a trust fund for the kids! But I feel she doesn’t deserve any of it! If it was the other way around would he deserve any of it! I think not! People get divorces everyday and its only the celebs that we see fighting over big estates and fame money! She lived with him. They technically shared his fame and fortune for the amount of them they were together! She got her part now its time for her to get off her but and live her life and take care of the kids not fight over who has more money! Please can’t celebs figure out someway other then this to fight! It must be hard living in that family as a child.

  3. Well, I would think she should get at least half, due to the children. But I think she has been through some extreme public humiliation, been put at risk for STIs (if she didn’t get any), and she will be in the public eye for sometime now. Anyway, I am not feeling sorry for Tiger and he can go on doing what he likes and hopefully his children will still be raised with some values…in another country.

  4. Half, no more no less. Lots of women deal w/ philandering husbands are are LUCKY to get half. The Woods are no different really, they just have more money. So yes, she’ll need some of that to take care of the children & as Addie said, as recompense for the public humiliation & STD risk. 3/4 is too much.

  5. What did Elin do to deserve $750 million? Apparently, the same thing Heather Mills did in marrying Paul McCartney – be smart enough NOT TO SIGN A PRE-NUP!!

  6. I agree that Elin is entitled to half of the money. My guess is she’s gotten the rest to buy her silence. Tiger can make more money and really, how many millions does someone really need?

  7. Tiger Woods should have thought about all that before he had an affair, don’t you think? Most people know before they get married that if you divorce, you have a pretty good chance of losing alot!!! Especially if your a celeb! He obviously didn’t care! This woman seems pretty quiet in the media, I’d say she has her head on right, and I think she will do right by the kids, and they will see most of that money. He deserves whatever he gets, in my opinion. Remember, it wasn’t just ONE woman, he had an affair with!!

  8. She deserves half of what he earned after they were married. She’ll get more because he paid of his whore Rachael Uchitel so much money. All Tiger is doing is buying her silence just like he did when he paid off his whores. If the truth comes out about him he will lose his endorsement deals, so it’s more of an investment for Tiger and now he is free to get down with nasty women no normal man would want.

    Elin is free and wealthy, and best of all she’s rid of that freak of a husband too.

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