Mean Betty Hears That Miley Cyrus Might Be Leaving Hollywood!… Or Is She?

Meanie wonders: If Miley is serious about moving, can she throw a party before she goes?

Mean Betty Hears That Miley Cyrus Might Be Leaving Hollywood!… Or Is She?

Meanie wonders: If Miley is serious about moving, can she throw a party before she goes?

-Mean Betty

miley cyrus

Mean Betty hears a lot of things about a lot of starlets. She hears when they’re happy. She hears when they’re sad. Meanie even has a big dry erase board by the pool that she uses to keep track of them all. In fact, Meanie is not unlike Santa Clause in this respect – except that she doesn’t give her list of celebs prezzies on the holidays.

Meanie wasn’t surprised, therefore, by the latest of Miley Cyrus‘ antics. According to Meanie’s board, Miley’s hot stud of a boyfriend Liam Hemsworth’s star is rising (thank you, Hunger Games!), whilst poor Miley has… well, let’s put this politely: Not so much going on at the moment. That is to say, she has ZERO projects right now, as well as for the foreseeable future. Oh, wait, isn’t she supposed to be in the reboot of Punk’d? Does that count? Meanie is inclined to say no.

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To keep herself busy – and, of course, in the public eye – Miley recently began sporting a big, bright shiny bauble on her ring finger, leading many to speculate that she and Liam were engaged. But then the starlet took to Twitter to announce that she’d been wearing that ring since December. Really? How come no one noticed it until after The Hunger Games came out?

miley cyrus denial of engagement ring

Lately, she’s been heading to Windsor Pilates to work out and/or waste time, according to the Huffington Post. Naturally, her comings and goings are constantly being photographed. Is it because she’s Miley? Or could it perhaps be because she just so happens to be Liam’s GF? Meanie wonders…

After her second day in a row of pilates (and paparazzie host), Miley took to Twitter to make her displeasure known. She stated, “Highly considering moving back to Nashville. I can’t stand these D Bag paparazzi anymore. Couldn’t even take my dog on a walk today.” Oh dear! What would the paparazzi do without Miley? They might have to follow her all the way to Nashville in order to keep up with their daily quota of privacy invasion!

miley moving to nashville tweet

….Or not. Naturally, to make sure the photographers stay far, far away from her (just in case they missed the memo), Miley is taking measures to discourage would-be snappers by… chosing to wear a skin-tight dress for her exit from Windsor Pilates on her third day of exercise? Meanie believes that Miley may have confused her “don’t look at me, please” outfit with her “LOOK AT ME!” one. And oopsies! Miley was in such a rush that she forgot to put on her panties! You can imagine, of course, how badly Miley would like us to feel for her and her lack of panties; how dare the paps take pictures of that! Here’s the link for the NSFW photos on Allie is Wired

miley cyrus leaving windsor pilates in la

Oh lambkins! Poor, poor Miley! It’s just so AWFUL that she is photographed wherever she goes. It’sTERRIBLE that when she forgets her panties, the world must know about it. It’s SO UPSETTING that daily pilates classes and walking her dogs are the only things keeping her busy. It’s HORRIFYING that the world premiere of LOL, her movie with Demi Moore and Ashley Greene, was held in India on February 10, 2012 and barely made the news here.

It’s a really good thing that Miley made all those super lucrative product and endorsement deals when she was still Disney’s darling. The residuals – and Liam – will hopefully help keep her warm while she works her way through this rut. If not, Nashville is always waiting to welcome her back with open arms… Or is it? Nashville-based kittens, would you be open to the idea of Miley descending upon your beloved city (again) and taking it on by storm?

If not, there’s always Dancing With the Stars…


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