Mean Betty: Kim Kardashian Still Wants a Fairytale. Has She Learned Nothing?

Mean Betty considers Kim Kardashian's reveal on Oprah's Next Chapter that she "still wants her fairytale.” Has Kim learned NOTHING from her disastrous "fairytale wedding?”

Mean Betty: Kim Kardashian Still Wants a Fairytale. Has She Learned Nothing?

Mean Betty considers Kim Kardashian’s reveal on Oprah’s Next Chapter that she “still wants her fairytale.” Has Kim learned NOTHING from her disastrous “fairytale wedding?”

-Mean Betty

Kim Kardashian

Kittens, have you been keeping up with Oprah Winfrey and her magical Next Chapter? Meanie certainly has; if she can’t listen to Oprah talk with the most interesting of subjects during her favorite daytime television block, then at least she can following along with her exciting new adventures on Sunday nights!

And as part of her adventures, Oprah, it seems, has been keeping up with the Kardashans (see what Meanie did there?). This past Sunday, Oprah sat down with Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Rob, and (of course) momager Kris Jenner to grill them on all the hard questions they never seem to want to answer. The episode also featured some one-on-one time with Kim about her infamous 72-day marriage to Kris Humphries, during which time Kim revealed some things which were surprising, some which were a little less so—and some which were so facepalmingly idiotic that Meanie almost threw her martini glass at the television in protestation (the butler, poor dear, had to go mix her up another on the spot). This last one, of course, was Kim’s pronouncement that she “still wants her fairytale.”

Has she learned nothing from the past year? No, is the answer, kittens. No, she has not.

Oh, all right; yes, Meanie does have to give little miss Kim a tiny bit of credit. After the split, Kimmy says she sank into a deep depression—and for once, Meanie believes her. As time has gone on, Meanie has arrived at the opinion that the whole thing was not, in fact, a publicity stunt; rather, it was more that silly young girl was allowed, by dint of her family’s affluence, to indulge her fantasies to the point where they became detrimental. Kim went on to say that making the decision to end the marriage was a difficult one; in addition to saying goodbye to her fairytale, it was possible that she would also say goodbye to her ratings and her fan base. She went through with the split anyway, though, because it was the right thing to do (when Kris moved in, she suddenly felt that he was “not the one.” Too bad she didn’t figure it out sooner).

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As a result of the whole affair, Kim says that she has grown up a lot over the past year. Instead of spending her time with people who are younger than she is, she the friends and relationships she keeps close to her now are with people who are older than she is. She loves that she’s dating someone a few years older than herself (new flame Kanye West is 35), and to be fair, this IS rather a mature place at which to arrive. Instead of grasping desperately to her younger years, she is finally embracing the fact that she isn’t a teenager or even a 20-something anymore by surrounding herself with people who are at similar stages of life to her.

But here, kittens, is the kicker: Even after the whole “Fairytale Wedding” disaster, Kim still put her desire for a fantasy happily-ever-after in no uncertain terms: “I want babies. I want my forever, and I want my fairytale,” she told Oprah. And this, kittens, is a problem.

Meanie does feel a smidgen of… well, perhaps not sympathy, but let us put it this way: Meanie feels bad for Kim. Why? Because the manner in which the Kardashians live their lives may have stunted Kim’s growth as a person. For that matter, it has likely stunted the growth to each and every member of the family to at least some degree; but Kim, with her fixation on fairy tales and happy endings, seems to have suffered the worst of it. At 31, she is still a child—not because she believes in romance (goodness knows there’s nothing wrong with that), but because her idea of romance is still the one most of us leave behind in childhood.

This is not to say that fairytales can’t happen. They can, and they do—it’s simply that by the time most people reach the age of 31, their views on exactly what a “fairytale” might be have changed. And with Kim, after her initial childhood fantasy fairytale ended up being less of a dream and more of a nightmare, one would hope that she, too, would have worked on revising her image of happily ever after. However, she appears not to have done so; she has merely transferred it to a different Prince Charming. This is not progress. This is arrested development.

Meanie believes that Kim stands as a warning. Childhood fairytales are all well and good, but at some point, we all must grow up—and it is only then that we can find our true happily ever afters.

Besides, grown-up fairytales are so much more interesting than kiddie ones, don’t you think?


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