Mean Betty on Angelina Jolie's Shameful Star Magazine Cover

Angelina Jolie has been media raped by the tabloid.
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Mean Betty on Angelina Jolie’s Shameful Star Magazine Cover

Angelina Jolie has been media raped by the tabloid.

-Mean Betty

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Kids

Mean Betty understands more than anyone that “news publications” are struggling to earn a buck right now. However, the cretins over at Star should drop to their knees and pray that mercy will be had on their souls after the humiliating Angelina Jolie story inserted into this week’s issue.

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Disturbing photos of the Goodwill Ambassador and mother of six lace the pages, in which Angie is shown with black gaff tape across her nipples, a leash around her neck and a cigarette in her mouth. The article claims that Brad Pitt’s love was spacing out on heroin and experimenting with bondage.

Mean Betty is disheartened to be living in a world where this kind of porn can be displayed in full view of children at her local supermarket, pets. It makes Mean très triste.

See the grotesque Star magazine cover on the next page.

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty on Angelina Jolie's Shameful Star Magazine Cover

  1. This is so wrong in so many ways and she should sue the s**t out of Star and the so-called “Friend” who sold the photos. No one wants to see this, and anyone who buys a copy of that magazine is lower than low.

  2. gross… i feel like everyone has forgotten what a wacko she was though… it’s not wrong for this guy to write a book. everyone writes a book these days.

  3. well you know that if she didn’t want it to come out then she shouldn’t have posed for it.Why blame Star magazine for printing something that she did, I cant wait for the magazine to arrive at my door.. you cant sue for something that is true.. the photo wasn’t doctored was it? She said her kids and Brad know all about her dark side so why would she even care that they see this? This is how she will raise her own children to express themselves and to be who they are. Her daughter is allowed to be a boy so get off your high horses and quit pretending this woman is perfect. Karma is a Bitch..

  4. First of all “americanmom” she didn’t pose for these for US Weekly these were candid photos taken by a friend years ago. How would you like it if someone published photos of you when you were young and foolish! Secondly the allegations made in the book are totally unsubstantiated, so how are we to know if they have even a shred of truth. Sensationalist journalism like this is one of the frightening trends in America these days and one that needs to stop if the country is going to get back on track.

  5. americanmom– you’re telling me you don’t have one racy picture of yourself that you’d hope the person that took it wouldn’t show to anyone?

    If you don’t then that’s just sad and boring for you!! Go have some fun MOMMA!

  6. “Mean Betty understands more than anyone that ‘news publications’ are struggling to earn a buck right now.”

    Really? Why more than anyone? What an odd column. It’s as if you haven’t read the rest of this website lately, with articles like “Let’s Talk About Your Vajayjay,” “Sex Tips from Your Gay BFF,” “Real Guys on Oral Sex,” etc.

    Maybe Angelina is just saying, So what?

  7. SHe did it and more or less talked of her regretful past.So what is new!She was what she was and changed !Live with it.!!I get a kick out of a 16 yoa Anjolie having an affair with her mother’s live in boyfriend!!Come ON!! SHe was 16 that is rape and not an affair.Why did her mother not press charges against him??It is all how the print the story isn’t it???She always said she was no angel and with all th e stories of her an Billy Bob ,how are we not surprised.But she should be less judgmental of others for sure!!!Go on with her life,can’t change it.Live with the things in her past and let them stay there in the past and don’t repeat themmm!!!If there is hope for her there is hope for others!!

  8. People make mistakes and when they correct them, they don’t always think of the nasty JERK-OFFS that will remember and use them!!! This is so cruel and wicked and self-righteous ppl as well as the abusers better hope no one treads on THEIR lives!!!!!!!!! Shame on you!!!!!!!

  9. Mean Betty, I like what you said concerning Angelina Jolie. I agree whole-heartedly with you!
    Although I already stated my opinion, I neglected to add this:
    Let he/she who has NOT sinned cast the first stone!

  10. fflotus in regards to your post . i feel like everyone has forgotten what a wacko she was though… and that would be a bad thing why everybody does stupid things are you perfect?? same goes for you americanmom nice to know you two are perfect I know that I would not want the stupid stuff I did when Iwas young and stupid to come back on me and exposed to my kids. She did this stuff a long time ago and it should stay in the past and be left well enough alone. A friend took these pictures and sold them to the star for cash wow some friend. Leave the woman be she’s not harming anyone leave hr skeletons where they belong in the closet.How sad that society gets off on this kind of garbage. The past is the past leave it alone.

  11. I think it’s time for everyone to leave Angelina (and her family) alone. Hasn’t she dealt with enough pot shots??? This has now morphed into picking on the “different” kid in the schoolyard. ENOUGH!!!


  13. Everybody has a past and at one time or another in their life, it shall be unearthed. Her children are no different than ours; at some point, our children see us as human beings, with a past.
    She shall deal with it most adequately I am sure.

  14. Leave her alone! please who’s bus is it anyway what she will tell her kids worry about ur own kids She has done a lot of good with her money and is a fantstic represinitive for 3rd world country’s I thank God that i am not a celeb these people get attacked when ever they step out for a min can u imagine all of those camera flashes going off in your face not to mention when someone is holding their baby i cant hardly take it when one flash goes off in my face just remember there are 2 sides to every story. much luv to u Betty

  15. Freedom of press everybody, this is a Constitutional right that Americans have, be grateful! Perhaps one should be careful when having pictures made of them selves.

  16. Angelina Jolie has always been like an open book. She has never tried to downplay anything she did in her youth. I do feel sorry for her kids that will one day see all of this about their mom. She may have told them about her past but seeing it in pictures will make it even worse.

  17. Okay nuff already….This book that no-one claims that going to buy has already made the New York Best Seller List Its current poistion #3…..And how in the hell do you know that Andrew is lying?????

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