Mean Betty on Anne Hathaway's Ultimate Ex Revenge

Anne Hathaway's scum of an ex, Raffaello Follieri, has just been deported. Mean Betty says, hoorah!

Mean Betty on Anne Hathaway’s Ultimate Ex Revenge

Anne Hathaway’s scum of an ex, Raffaello Follieri, has just been deported. Mean Betty says, hoorah!

-Mean Betty

Anne Hathaway

Kittens, have you ever suffered from a heartbreak so complete that you felt certain you would never love again? What caused it? Was it infidelity? Meanie has certainly been there. But what if it was something else? Say, something criminal? Something perhaps unrelated to the relationship, but which was so terrible that there would be no way for the relationship to continue? Meanie (luckily, perhaps) hasn’t been there, but she knows someone who has: The magnificent Anne Hathaway. But today, let Meanie congratulate Anne on getting moving beyond her heartbreak to a fabulous life with a wonderful career and a loving fiancé—as well as for being able to celebrate the ultimate ex revenge: Her scheming ex boyfriend, Raffaello Follieri, has just been deported from good old US of A. Break out the champagne let’s get that party started!

For those of you not in the know, gather round, kittens (bring your mimosas), for this is quite the story indeed. Once upon a time in 2004, our intrepid heroine—that would be Anne—met a seemingly nice young man named Raffaello Follieri. A businessman, a philanthropist, Italian and therefore with a positively delicious accent: Rafaello was everything a girl could want in a potential suitor!… or so it appeared. For you see, Raffaello, a real estate developer, had developed a Manhattan-based charity called the Follieri Foundation in 2003. This foundation allegedly focused on doing such good works as providing vaccinations for children in Third World nations. A worth cause, no? Anne certainly thought so, and subsequently, she herself served on the foundation’s board of directors until 2007. But in June of 2008, the IRS had begun looking into the organization; it seems that it had somehow overlooked the important step of filing the tax papers required by all non-profit organizations. This, understandably, prompted Anne to end her relationship with Raffaello. What if the repercussions from the investigation affecting her own career? Meanie certainly can’t blame her, especially as the relationship already appeared to be under strain.

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Poor Anne! Meanie did so want to treat her to a nice martini or two or five to help her get over her heartbreak. But it turned out that Anne cut ties with Raffaello not a moment too soon: He was arrested on June 24, 2008. The charge? Fraud. Raffaello, you see, had apparently taken several would-be investors in the Follieri Foundation for millions of dollars by posing as the Vatican’s point man on real estate investing. Known as the Vati-Con scandal, this piece of wrong-doing—which included the triple crimes of conspiracy, wire fraud, and money laundering—cost Raffaello four and a half years in prison. Our darling Anne, happily, was not charged with any sort of crime related to the scandal; indeed, during this time she began producing her best work to date, culminating in her Oscar nomination for 2008’s Rachel Getting Married (which, by the way, is a superb film).

And now, four and a half years later, Rafaello has been released from the Federal prison in Pennsylvania in which he was serving his time… and has promptly been deported back to Italy. In fact, a representative for US Immigration and Customs Enforcement has even confirmed it to TMZ: “ICE carried out the order of an immigration judge,” the representative said, “and removed Follieri from the United States May 25, 2012.”

Anne is no doubt a better person than Meanie and most likely feels some sorrow at the plight of her former loved one. Therefore, let Meanie express the appropriate response for her: Hallelujah! The evil-doer has gotten his just desserts, and Meanie is fairly certain they don’t taste of tiramisu. Furthermore, let us allow Anne’s tale to stand as an example to all of the slighted men and women out there. We may look upon it in two ways: 1) No matter how badly your relationship ended, at least your former significant other didn’t steal $50 millions’ worth of charity money—something in which one can find comfort; or 2) Broken heart? No problem! Just have the two-timing bastard deported and all will be well!

Meanie, of course, is joking about the second option… well, mostly, at least. In the mean time, let us all raise a glass (you too, Butler dear—Meanie knows how much you adore dear Anne) to Anne Hathaway. Broken hearts really do heal; in fact, they often lead to even better things. Hoorah!


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  1. this italian criminal should be place on a NO-FLY LIST as part of his criminal activities! This way he will be grounded and not allowed into the USA ever again!

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