Mean Betty on Bristol Palin's Lame "Corrective Surgery" Excuse

Good one, Bristol. Too bad Mean Betty isn't buying your BS today.

Mean Betty on Bristol Palin’s Lame “Corrective Surgery” Excuse

Good one, Bristol. Too bad Mean Betty isn’t buying your BS today.

-Mean Betty

Bristol Palin

Believe it or not, kittens, Mean Betty happens to know a thing or two about jaw surgery (it’s a long, boring story poppets, that involves one too many martinis and a cat fight with an angry, scorned wife). That’s why Mean Betty is calling Bristol Palin’s GIANT bluff.

Mean Betty hates to break it to dear Bristol, but corrective jaw surgery doesn’t completely change the structure of your face. Guess little Palin took a page out of her mom Sarah’s book and didn’t do her homework!

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Bristol claims her new face shape is “not plastic surgery,” but rather the results of a procedure that “was necessary for medical reasons…so my jaw and teeth could properly realign.”

Mean Betty thinks it’s funny how that necessary medical procedure also included changing her chin from looking like a butt to something that would turn Jay Leno on. Surely, the shape of her chin was severely affecting the alignment of her bite, right poppets?

Bristol Palin

True, she lost the baby pudge and double chin from the surgery, probably because she couldn’t eat solid food for a bit (Mean Betty absolutely loved being on that diet!), but that would’ve been the case no matter what kind of procedure she got — cosmetic or not.

Just face it, Bristol, you went under the knife to look better. You even gushed, “I am absolutely thrilled with the results. I look older, more mature, and don’t have as much of a chubby little baby face!”

Um, shouldn’t you be saying, “I am absolutely thrilled with the results. My jaw and teeth are now perfectly aligned and I no longer have pain when I chew, and the medical problem is solved.”

Mean Betty catches on quick, love, and she can smell a lie as fake as this one from a mile away. But, you’re certainly not helping yourself out when all you do is talk about how good it looks instead of how good it feels. Be a doll and just admit the truth.

Own it, my dear — it will make it so much easier for the next time when you want to get that nose fixed or a nip and tuck here and there. Trust Mean Betty, plastic surgery is an addiction. Once you start, it’s very hard to stop.


Mean Betty

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty on Bristol Palin's Lame "Corrective Surgery" Excuse

  1. I think she looks good. I also have a recessed chin, and if braces didn’t realign my teeth and jaw I was going to have to have the procedure that Bristol had. So maybe she is telling the whole truth.

  2. Palin has had the same chin Jennifer anniston had when she was younger.Good for them.They look beautiful.If I could afford it,I would have it done too.Double chins are alway there unless U do the surgery..

  3. I call BS too. I had jaw realignment surgery to correct a chronically dislocating jaw, and it didn’t change my appearance much at all. Only someone who knows me very well would notice a difference. It certainly FEELS a lot different, though! There’s no shame in having cosmetic surgery. Just own it, don’t lie about it. And BTW – it’s still PLASTIC SURGERY if it’s done to correct a defect! Not all plastic surgery is done solely to change appearance – cleft lip/palate repair is a good example.

  4. Just own it already Bristol!!! People can see the difference and corrective surgery could not change you that much…what do you think we are idiots? Please!! Just admit you wanted to change your look. Its way too different than your pudgy fat face, come on now you have defintion all over the place!!! You are hooked so now we’ll probably see more cosmetic surgery to correct say your boobs!!!

  5. Well, from the front it looks better, but from the side, she lost a lot of softness and youthful innocence. I thought she was cute before. It is too bad we cant accept ourselves the way we are. We are way too judgmental of ourselves and each other. I think we all deserve a break and being “mean” to each other isnt the answer, whether or not she’s telling “the whole truth” . . . which of us knows the “whole truth” anyway. And who cares. . . she did it because she wanted to feel better. I hope she does!

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