Mean Betty on Kate Gosselin's New Year Resolution to Find a Man

Everyone's allowed to dream, right kittens? Including our favorite source of amusement, Kate Gosselin.
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Mean Betty on Kate Gosselin’s New Year Resolution to Find a Man

Everyone’s allowed to dream, right kittens?

-Faye Brennan

Kate Gosselin

Happy Hump Day, poppets! New Year’s Eve is only two days away, and that means celebs think the world is actually interested in their 2011 resolutions, including Mean Betty’s favorite source of amusement, Kate Gosselin. Obviously, the reality show mom hasn’t been humped in a long time… and mama wants some lovin’!

A source tells Popeater, “So much of 2010 has been about the children that Kate forgot to look after herself. Now, in the New Year, Kate is determined to start dating again and hopefully find a new man.”

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Ha! Mean Betty has heard this one before. Don’t you remember kittens, when Mean Betty marveled at the possibility of a Kate Gosselin reality dating show? Mean Betty can just see it now – it would be the first show where contestants would be competing to leave instead of stay.

But Mean Betty is upset to hear that Kate’s “2011 Man Search” won’t be filmed for TV. Popeater’s source says, “Any dates that she goes on will be strictly private with no cameras around. It’s going to be hard enough to find a man who is willing to take on Kate plus her beautiful eight children; asking someone to do all that on camera is impossible.”

You just said a mouthful there, sister… whoever you are. Mean Betty was just about to make that point: who on earth would willingly insert themselves into the mess that is Kate Gosselin’s life? Sure, she has a great rack after popping out eight babies (though Mean Betty still questions their authenticity),  but she comes with even bigger baggage than those puppies.

Shall we list it all here, pets?

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty on Kate Gosselin's New Year Resolution to Find a Man

  1. Money-hungry fame whore…meet Spencer Pratt! I hope the two of you are happy together for as long as the trash magazines have film to waste and very slow news days. By the power vested in me , I now pronounce you Rat and bitchy-twat…You may now fake kiss, the cameras are ready.

  2. MeanBetty makes a good point that if her children are having to leave school, whether voluntarily as Kate claims or involuntarily as alleged, her children need to be the focus – it’s called motherhood. And it’s very tacky to make finding a man a New Year’s Resolution. It’s a bit desperate! A better thing to say would be “to be open to meeting a man and making room in my life for a man in case I meet someone I connect with”.

  3. I love you Mean Betty. I really, REALLY do.

    Raising 8 kids is HARD. Raising 8 kids in front of cameras is HARD. Raising 8 kids in front of cameras with a totally pussywhipped, gutless, spineless, good for nothing husband is HARD.

    Divorce is HARD.

    Kate, babe…I had your back for most of it. But at some point the money and fame train STOPS, and you’re left with children who have a broken home, an absent Daddy and a Mommy who thinks her right to a flat stomach trumps their right to having oh…MOMMY around.

    Trust me. You don’t need ANOTHER person to take care of, because you are incapable of letting go of control. You’ll have nine children again instead of eight.

    Raise up the ones you got first, and do some personal growth. It’ll help. I swear it will. Because I wanna see kick-ass Kate again.

    Bring her back. I know she’s still in there, somewhere.

  4. One more thing.

    Consider a GIRLFRIEND instead of a boyfriend. I don’t know how your gender preference swings, but as a gender/fluid bisexual poly person, I gotta tell you, girl sex is WAAAAAAAAAY better and you don’t have to worry about…oh…SURPRISE!! I THOUGHT I WAS INFERTILE!!

    *sage nod*

    Seriously. Give it a thought.

  5. I love it. Kate demands privacy for her personal life, but anything about her kids – potty training, illness, meltdowns, tantrums – is fair game for the TV cameras. Too bad Kate never learned to practice what she preaches. And BTW Talon – the kids’ Daddy has never been absent. If you watch the early episodes, JON was the one who did all the child care – getting the twins up, dressed, fed and off to school before leaving for work; feeding, bathing and dressing the little ones; putting the little ones to bed at night; DOING things with the kids. He’s still as involved as Kate allows him to be.

  6. The rack is artificial as well as the tummy tuck for the bikini. Kate has a right to a love life and gettting laid will make her a better mommy and a better person.

  7. Everyone keep giving jon crap. Does NO ONE remember the wretched way Kate treated him on the show. “jon don’t breath so loud”, Jon do you have to eat that way? Jon Get over here right now!.She was a ball busting harpy when she was married and no wonder he went off the deepend when he got a little freedom. And more importantly, do you not remember her child under the hot lights saying Mommy I’m so thirsty and she was told to be quiet, then Kate took a big swif from HER water bottle and the little gorl said Mommy your’re so mean…that kinda sums it up for my I’m afraid.

  8. Kate I am afraid you will just need to buy your self a good sex toy , well buy several the last thing your kids need is a camera whore who is just looking for his 15 min of fame. NO nice decent man would get with in 10yards of you and all of your problems . And if you did he might as well make an appt with the ASPA .

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