Mean Betty on Madonna's Unapologetic Peep Show: Rebellious or Predictable?

Was Madonna's surprise peep show during last Thursday's concert really a surprise? Mean Betty investigates!

Mean Betty on Madonna’s Unapologetic Peep Show: Rebellious or Predictable?

Was Madonna’s surprise peep show during last Thursday’s concert really a surprise? Mean Betty investigates!

-Mean Betty


Oh, kittens! Between Jersey Shore’s Deena Cortese getting arrested for disorderly conduct, Lindsay Lohan crashing her car into the back of an 18-wheeler, and Lady Gaga giving herself a concussion during one of her concerts, Meanie almost missed this delightfully little tidbit of celebrity naughtiness! Of course she had to share in case you, too, missed the story. Feast your eyes on this, though be warned that it is most definitely NSFW:

Yes, kittens, this is Madonna. Yes, she still plays sold-out concerts. And yes, that was the entirety of her left breast you just saw. So: Thoughts on this perhaps not altogether unexpected event, kittens?

For the curious, here is the full story: Last Thursday night, darling Madge, who, at 53, is alternately praised and shunned for how toned she still manages to keep her body, put on quite the show in Istanbul, Turkey—though as you can see, no one realized exactly how much of a show it would be until it was over. During her rendition of her 1995 tune “Human Nature,” the singer, in typical Madonna fashion, began turning her performance into a striptease. Off went the shirt… undone went the pants… and finally, out popped Lefty to say hello. The crowd, of course, went wild. Is this just Madonna being Madonna? Is she a rebel even now? Does she have any business revealing her northernmost ladybits in public? Or is this a sad and desperate bid to keep the spotlight on her as other, newer stars threaten to usurp her throne?

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Unlike Janet Jackson in the aftermath of the infamous Super Bowl incident, Miss Madge clearly has no intention of passing off her peep show as an accident. In some ways, this is perhaps admirable; as always, Madonna does what Madonna will do, and damn all the naysayers. But at the same time, Meanie somehow can’t shake the feeling that Madge is no longer breaking the rules in order to shake things up; rather, she is breaking them for her own gain. And something about that just feels sort of… blah, rather than rebellious. Does it not, kittens?

Of course, it might also be argued that the only reason Madonna has ever broken the rules is for her own gain; such is the nature of superstardom. Her endgame, insofar as she has had one throughout her long and varied career, has always been to stay on top; consequently, perhaps Meanie shouldn’t be as surprised at this blatantly gratuitous move.

Gasp! Kittens! Meanie has struck upon a contradiction in terms! If, as Meanie believes, we shouldn’t be surprised when Madonna does something surprising, then this means that in attempting to remain unpredictable, she has somehow come right back around to predictability. Is Madonna therefore defeating her own purpose by pulling these sorts of stunts?

Perhaps Madonna should pretend that it’s opposite day for a while. If we expect her to do things like this, then if she wishes to shock us once again, she must refrain from doing them. Surprise is created by setting up the expectation, then breaking it instead of delivering on it. If she learns this very lesson, Madonna could go so far as to create a whole new phase for her career. How fascinating would that be?

Clearly Meanie should be working as an image rehabilitator to the stars. Hollywood? Meanie’s phone lines are open; feel free to call should you wish to employ her services! (Meanie is looking at you, Lindsay Lohan!)


Mean Betty

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