Mean Betty on Mel Gibson

Mad Max hitting a woman and spewing racist slurs puts Mean Betty's panties in a bunch!

Mean Betty on Mel Gibson

Mad Max hitting a woman and spewing racist slurs puts Mean Betty’s panties in a bunch!

-Mean Betty

Mel Gibson

The FDA should officially ban the Nazi enthusiast / woman beater / potty mouth Mel Gibson from even setting foot in public, kittens. Surely the First Amendment doesn’t apply to this miserable creature?

Read Mean Betty on Celeb Pics: Did The Situation Forget His Girdle? has been reporting increasingly disturbing Mel rants, which reveal him punching Oksana Grigorieva (the mother of his youngest child) twice in the face and then saying “you f***king deserved it.” He also delightfully informed Oksana the way she dressed would get her “raped by a pack of n***ers.” Well, well, well, darlings, Mean Betty thinks this racist deserves a mass circumcision performed by all the Weinsteins in Hollywood.

Mel Gibson

Say what you will about the Passion of the Christ – Mean Betty believes people have the right to express what they want by using the vehicle of art, but there will be no more excuses for this depraved puppy. A spot next to Lindsay Lohan in a prison cell would be too good for him, non?

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And there’s more, pets. The Oscar winner was also recorded saying to Oksana, “I will report her to the f**king people that take f**king money from the wetbacks.”  He’s referring to turning one of Oksana’s employees in to immigration. Mean Betty had to go to the Urban Dictionary to learn that “wetback” is a cruel term to describe Latinos.

At least Mel hates Jews, Blacks and Latinos and – apparently – women equally, right kittens?


Mean Betty

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty on Mel Gibson

  1. his rants – his views of others – is reprehensible to me – the best way I can personally show my disgust is to not invest in any of his movies or give him any air time whatsoever anywhere – he may be free to spew that ignorance, but I am just as free to ignore it – and him –

  2. I’m starting to wonder if he is suffering from some type of neurologic illness. Even if he has always felt this way about minority groups, it’s rather odd that he never expressed his views before this but now he just can’t seem to shut the **** up.

  3. Hell Mel you look as crazy as you sound in the photo with the white skunk stripe down your long fugly beard. Your inner ulgy has surfaced and it is scary and disgusting. Get some help before it is too late.

  4. Geez, what has happened to this guy? He used to seem likeable enough, now he’s just a troll. Makes ya feel bad for his kids. I can understand why his agents have dropped him. Who’d want to be associated with him and all his crap?

  5. It’s very well documented he’s a racist. It’s also well documented his father is a Holocaust denier who hates Jews too!

    Hopefully his career is over, he doesn’t deserve one. He’s very wealthy and now he can just go away and pray for forgiveness in his private ultra conservative church of holier than thous spouting this crap on Sunday’s and stay the hell out of our lives. Oksana is a goldigger, and a successful one, their child is going to suffer terribly.

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