Mean Betty on Michael Lohan Suing Rachel Uchitel

Famewhores colliding! Michael Lohan is suing Rachel Uchitel for some ridiculous reason.
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Mean Betty on Michael Lohan Suing Rachel Uchitel

Famewhores colliding!

-Mean Betty

Michael Lohan

Michael Lohan loves lawsuit-hopping almost as much as his daughter Lindsay loves club-hopping, kittens. Daddy Dearest just finished up one court battle against his ex-fiancée Kate Major and he could barely wait for the judge’s gavel to come down before leaping into another with Tiger Woods’ mistress numero uno, Rachel Uchitel.

When this many mediawhores are involved in only one lawsuit it feels like there is wet sand in Mean Betty’s Prada bikini bottom itching away at her derriere.

Now pets, Mean Betty hates to point out the glaringly obvious but doesn’t Michael know that jumping into anything (be it a lawsuit or a bed) with the loose Rachel could get him into heaps of trouble? Just ask Tiger “I Have No Wife, Kids or Cash Left” Woods.

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What is he suing her for, pets? He wants a chunk of the $500,000 she got for Celebrity Rehab. Obviously he’s somehow entitled to it– Mean Betty should have known. Michael says he introduced Rachel to Hollywood talent manager, David Weintraub, who then got her the gig on Rehab. Lohan supposedly has a deal with Weintraub to split the commission of everyone he introduces to the “talent” manager. So, when Lohan realized his chunk of Rachel’s cash wasn’t forthcoming (An aside: It’s amazing that not only will Celebrity Rehab get rid of your addiction but  give you enough cash to start a new one!), Lohan did the obvious and called RadarOnline.

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  1. When you look up the word “Sleeze” Michael Lohnan’s picture should be there. He was trying to sue to get control over Lindsey’s estate during the DUI trial so he could rob her blind. With all of these lawsuits he could be charged with malicious prosecution. He even has a deceitful look about him.

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