Mean Betty on Taylor Swift's Tragic First World Wardrobe Problems

Poor Taylor Swift! She has to shop for new dresses all the time to avoid public backlash for wardrobe recycling! Mean Betty, however, isn't all that sympathetic...

Mean Betty on Taylor Swift’s Tragic First World Wardrobe Problems

Poor Taylor Swift! She has to shop for new dresses all the time to avoid public backlash for wardrobe recycling! Mean Betty, however, isn’t all that sympathetic…

-Mean Betty

Taylor Swift

Oh, kittens—another day, another first world problem!

Today, Meanie would like to discuss a certain remark that America’s darling, Taylor Swift, made in a recent interview. One of the perks of being a supremely successful musical superstar is undeniably the sheer number of fabulous outfits and dresses one gets to wear, and Taylor is no exception. In fact, in the December/January issue of Harper’s Bazaar, dear Taylor revealed that she owns hundreds of dresses—but what’s this? She doesn’t own them because she likes them? Oh, no, of course not; why ever would she do that? No, kittens; as it turns out, Taylor is actually rather SAD about the fact that she owns so many beautiful pieces. Why? Because of this: “I’m in a predicament where I can’t wear a dress twice or else it’s pointed out in magazines,” poor Taylor says, “so unfortunately I have to shop for dresses all the time.”

Ah! Such tragedy! Alack and alas!

To be fair, Harper’s Bazaar notes that Taylor was laughing as she made the remark, which takes at least a little bit of the sting out of it. But is Meanie alone in thinking that of all the things Taylor could complain about, buying—and more importantly, being able to AFFORD to buy—so many dresses… shouldn’t be quite as much of an issue as Taylor sees it to be?

Perhaps dear Taylor should take a leaf out of Michelle Obama’s and Kate Middleton’s book. These two lovely, stylish, and very famous ladies have both gotten into the habit of reusing outfits they’ve worn to public events, and may Meanie say, they do it with panache! Michelle’s wardrobe recycling in particular resonates especially strongly with us, given the fragile state of our economy. While things are better than they were several years ago, times are still hard for a good portion of the country; as such, even though we know that the Obamas are financially stable (such are the perks of being the First Family), it goes a long way towards keeping morale up to see that the fashionable FLOTUS is keeping as close an eye on her spending as we are.

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Of course it would be pointed out if the fabulous, famous Taylor Swift—gasp!—wore the same dress twice; the only thing stargazers and fashionistas love more than keeping track of what their favorite stars are wearing is COMMENTING on what their favorite stars are wearing. But would it spell the end of her career? Probably not. Bloggers and celebrity journalists have written novel-length epics about Michelle and Kate’s recycled outfits, but both ladies have merely taken the comments in stride and carried on with their lives. So, too, should Taylor—sticks and stones and all that, kittens.

At least Taylor hasn’t gone so far as to set up some sort of elaborate storage system for all of the outfits she’s only worn once, like our dearest, darlingest Gwyneth Paltrow has (Meanie is keeping an eye on you, Gwynnie!). Come to think of it, though, we don’t really know WHAT Taylor is doing with all those once-worn dresses, do we, kittens? Are they just sitting in her closet, gathering dust? What a terrible waste of such adorable and fashion-forward outfits!

But wait! Kittens! Meanie has just had a brainwave! If Taylor is SO unwilling to re-wear her dresses, why not put them to good use? After all, she has demonstrated several times that she has quite a big heart; what, then, if she decided to do something like put her old wardrobe pieces up for auction on eBay and donate the proceeds of the sale to charity? Taylor avoids public scrutiny, the barely-worn outfits find new homes, and any number of charities might benefit from the whole arrangement. Everybody wins!

Come to think of it, maybe it’s time for Meanie to weed out her wardrobe, too. ‘Tis the season, after all—and giving generously to those in need is worth more than its weight in gold!


Mean Betty

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