Mean Betty on the Continuing Train Wreck That Is Courtney Stodden

Meanie wonders, is the teen bride modeling her life on another famous Courtney (Love)?

Mean Betty on the Continuing Train Wreck That Is Courtney Stodden

Meanie wonders, is the teen bride modeling her life on another famous Courtney (Love)?

-Mean Betty

 courtney stodden

Oh kittens! One is constantly amazed by what people will do for fame. To some people, having the paparazzi follow you around like a school of minnows is their idea of a perfect existence. Some starlets will tuck toddlers into their purse for that perfect shot. And some, like teen bride Courtney Stodden, will pretend to be on drugs on national TV, or attempt to be constantly banned from social networks and family outings. All these wacky stunts are done in the hopes to land a big money contract. You know the one, kittens: the one were you end up in that “deluxe apartment in the sky.” Kittens, who wouldn’t want to be famous for simply being themselves? Meanie knows that the pool boy’s most fervent hope is that one day, he’ll get his own Bravo show. He likes to think the world would be interested in a weekly show on how to clean your pool. Meanie isn’t going to break his heart by telling him that’ll never happen. Though on second thought, with all those weird reality shows on TV now, maybe it could.

Courtney Stodden rocketed into everyone’s consciousness when she married 51-year-old actor Doug Hutchison. We would never have known about this momentous act if they hadn’t alerted the media. Because he was so old, and she was so outrageous to look at, we couldn’t stop staring at the duo. How many 16-year-olds have that much plastic surgery done to them? She really looks like an “after” shot of sometime singer Courtney Love.

 courtney stodden before and after plastic surgery

Is it just Meanie, or does Courtney now look like a 40-year old “dancer” instead of a happy teen? And just like the other Courtney, she keeps getting banned from things! Facebook kicked her off for being too sexy. Now she’s been kicked out of a pumpkin patch! Lambies, Meanie doesn’t think that she and her hubby were waiting for the Great Pumpkin. You see kittens, the duo were frolicking in a public pumpkin patch (Meanie dares you to say that phrase three times) in Santa Clarita, California when things apparently got out of hand. Well, to the onlookers, it appeared that the May-December couple forgot they were in public. Ooopsies. According to Radaronline, the other pumpkin hunters complained to the management that the couple “had behaved inappropriately at the family-geared venue.” Some shoppers apparently doubled as fashion police, because they also complained about her outfit! The FP said that she was woefully and inappropriately dressed. Courtney wore Daisy Dukes and a midriff top. The top cleverly showed off the teen’s artificial boobs. Aren’t we all supposed to be barely dressed when we’re in a family-centric park?

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After being ushered out, the duo quickly did a little photo-op near by. Oh gee, looks like someone had alerted the paparazzi! Hmm, kittens, do you think the whole outing was a setup?

courtney stodden doug hutchison

Now kittens, earlier Meanie did compare Courtney Stodden to Courtney Love. Both will do anything for a photo op and a chance to get in their names in print. Both think that outrageous behavior is the best way to garner fame, column inches and most importantly, money. Sadly, both have become excellent in turning themselves into massive jokes.



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