Mean Betty: Want to Buy Brangelina's Home?

$13.75 million for Brangelina's four bed/four bath is a just a drop in the bucket, right?

Mean Betty: Want to Buy Brangelina’s Home?

$13.75 million for a four bed/four bath is a just a drop in the bucket, right?!

-Mean Betty

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Mean Betty heard that the housing market was getting better, but the idea of spending $13.75 million dollars on a four bedroom, four bathroom house is just a tad silly, even if it’s the site where Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and their brood farted slept. Yes, kittens the Brangelina tribe is moving. They’re selling their Pacific Palisades home. As it’s only one in a number of domiciles they own, you don’t have to worry about them going homeless.

Now before you little love monkeys start fantasizing about swimming in their pool, enjoying their ocean views, or playing in their walk-in fridge (how much food does the tribe eat?), this house is split in two! Yes, two pieces. So my little lambkin, if you’re in the den and want to go to bed, you might have to scurry through the rain to get back into the house.

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Meanie read the description of the house to the butler and he couldn’t figure out what the hut looked like. Honestly, Meanie read it a few times herself and got stumped too! We know that it has four bedrooms, four bathrooms and is split in two. The house was built in 1962, so it might still have that retro feel to it. Brad and Angie turned the home from a ranch to a two-story home, and then added a heated pool, a garden and a tennis court.

The outside sounds delish, kittens, but a two-story home that’s split in the middle?? If you’re on the second floor, do you use a rope bridge to get to the kid’s room?

Now kittens, this house does have some history, so that could be why they’re asking so much for it. It was Brad’s bachelor pad when he split from Jennifer Aniston. If only the walls could talk! Think of all those late night phone convos those two might have had. Did he sneak Angie up the back way to this place?

Brad tried to sell the house once before. In 2009, he put it on the market for the bargain basement price of $18 million. Meanie just can’t figure out why it didn’t sell, can you?


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