Mean Betty Wonders Would You Bury a Relative In a Storage Unit?

One family in Tampa kept a body in a storage unit -- could this be a new reality TV show?

Mean Betty Wonders Would You Bury a Relative In a Storage Unit?

One family in Tampa kept a body in a storage unit — could this be a new reality TV show?

-Mean Betty

u stor in clearwater

Mean Betty knows that it’s important to stay close to your family. Of course “close” depends upon whether or not you like them. (Meanie enjoys visiting her relatives on the eve of Haley’s Comet’s circling the planet. Not a year more and not a year less.) However, when Meanie heard about the family that kept a body in a storage unit for 17 years, she couldn’t understand how one could not notice the smell!

What happened is this: When Ann Bunch died back in 1995, her family was going to bury her in Alabama, so they got her ready for the funeral. According to USA Today, they ran out of money for said funeral, but since they had a special coffin made by her grandson, her daughter Bobbie Barnett Hancock rented out a space in the U-Stor Self Storage in Clearwater, Florida.

Now Meanie can understand that keeping a body in a storage unit instead of a cemetery might be just a tad weird, but think about the upside. It’s much cheaper than a funeral. No monthly pesky, expensive landscaping fees. You can visit whenever you want and not worry about the weather. No worries about parking or being blocked by annoying funeral corteges. Since the storage unit would have to be big, it could do double duty. Keep gear and your excess relatives under one roof.

And that’s what Ann Bunch’s daughter Bobbie Barnett Hancock did. To make things more interesting, it turns out that Hancockm who is now dead herself, was a hoarder! Hancock’s daughter Rebecca Fancher told the New York Daily News that her mom “couldn’t stand things being wasted.” Hancock’s ex-husband John Setlow told the paper that Bobbie was “a class A hoarder.”

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Hancock’s home was filled with bugs, trash and animals and declared inhabitable back in 2010. Like many hoarders, Hancock kept things. She used the storage space for lots of stuff besides her mother’s body. A whole bunch of other stuff, including old TVs and banana boxes.

Hancock’s daughter, Rebecca Fancher only learned about her grandmother’s final resting place from her mother on her death bed. Fancher explained, “My mom was terribly embarrassed about not being able to do it herself and basically swore me to secrecy.”

Unfortunately, Fancher couldn’t pay the rent for the unit. It was going to up for auction. Can you imagine that scene! So Fancher told the storage unit manager what was really in there.

The police were called in and they found the remains mixed in with the other stuff. No one’s been charged with any crime and the body’s been sent to a funeral home in Key Largo.

Now Meanie wonders if Hoarders and Storage Wars will collaborate on a new reality TV series highlighting how creative hoarders can get with storage units. Maybe they could even get the crew from Clean House to show how one can tastefully redecorate the unit. The big question would be would they turn the coffin into a coffee table or an armoire?


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2 thoughts on “Mean Betty Wonders Would You Bury a Relative In a Storage Unit?

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  2. That is quite a story. Although we wouldn't recommend putting a body and coffin into a self storage unit due to hygiene and sanitary reasons, to be honest, if someone would want to keep an urn and/or other preserved forms would probably be a safer and sensible bet. I'd have no doubt that the police would want to find out exactly what was going on when it comes to finding a wholly intact body, especially in a storage unit, for the length of time that the remains have been there. I hope that with the hoarding situation that the items were able to be recovered by the family though.

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