Mean Betty: Would You Wear Matching Outfits Like Katie Holmes + Suri Cruise?

Mean Betty has some rather strong feelings about matching outfits in general-and about Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise's matching mommy-daughter outfits in particular.

Mean Betty: Would You Wear Matching Outfits Like Katie Holmes + Suri Cruise?

Mean Betty has some rather strong feelings about matching outfits in general—and about Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise’s matching mommy-daughter outfits in particular.

-Mean Betty

Katie Holmes Suri Cruise

How do you feel about matching outfits, kittens? Do you think they’re adorable? Or does the site of two people—any two people—wearing something remotely similar while out together make you want to quietly (or perhaps not so quietly) expel the contents of your stomach?

In either case, Meanie would like to bring forth the following example for your consideration: This past weekend, Katie Holmes and her six-year-old daughter, Suri Cruise, were spotted out and about in New York City wearing remarkably similar outfits. Katie wore a black-and-white checked blouse with a flared white skirt and tan booties, while Suri showed off a black-and-white striped top, a white drawstring skirt, and silver ballet flats. Though there are of course a few differences, the overall look is more or less the same: Black-and-white patterned top, white bottoms.

Cute? To some, perhaps. But Meanie feels the same way about mommy-daughter matching outfits as she does about couples who begin dressing alike: That is, ugh! Is Gag! Butler, dear, be so kind as to bring Meanie another mimosa so she may wash this unpleasant taste out of her sartorial mouth!

The problem, kittens, has to do with “specialness.” Dressing the same as someone else—say, the other half of your couple or your famous parent—says to the world, “Look at us! We are special! We are members of an exclusive club and you are not! HA!” With this in mind, consider that Suri is by various accounts often described as a less-than-pleasant child who is perhaps far too accustomed to getting her own way. Does this miniature diva really need to feel that she is more special than she already believes she is? Meanie is going to go with “no.” Apparently over the course of their excursion, Suri went from sunshine and rainbows:

Suri Cruise happy

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To storms clouds and stomping off:

Suri Cruise storm cloud

Wouldn’t Meanie love to know what caused THAT little piece of drama?

Of course, there can be another problem associated with dressing similarly to another: That is, individuality. When couples begin to dress the same, it often symbolizes the end of the two people as individuals and ushers in the era of the “us”—the two bodies, one person mentality that can result in the loss of the individual self within the relationship. Something tells Meanie that Suri is not in danger of this here; if anyone is, it is Katie herself, who has already admitted in the past that Suri often dictates her wardrobe. “She’ll really tell me what she thinks,” Mommy Dearest has said. “Like today, I’m wearing brown suede pants, and she said, ‘I don’t like your pants.’ But then she’ll say, ‘You’ve got to wear these shoes.’ Or, ‘That’s so pretty, Mom. Wear that.’ She’s got a great eye.” Or, she has an overly critical eye and is dead set on getting her own way all the time—even when it comes to the wardrobe choices of other people.

It is not unheard of for parents to allow their children to help them choose their outfits on occasion, but most children do not adopt this bizarre air of cold authority that Suri seems to be so fond of while they do so. Furthermore, although it is possible that these mommy-daughter outfits might be a coincidence, if Suri is as fashion-conscious as we have been led to believe, Meanie finds it unlikely. Mothers and daughters can and should have a bond like no other; however, within that bond, there need to be a) boundaries (otherwise we end up with spoiled children), and b) individuality—for both daughter AND mother.

Maybe this is just Meanie. But still: Matching outfits? Gag!!!

Ah, thank you, Butler dear. Who else wants a mimosa?


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