Meghan McCain Adores Courtney Love, and Vice Versa

They're tweeting lots of xoxoxos.

Meghan McCain Adores Courtney Love, and Vice Versa

They’re tweeting lots of xoxoxos.

-Jane Farrell

Meghan McCain and Courtney Love

Somehow, we can’t picture John McCain’s Arizona ranch reverberating to the sound of Hole’s “Skinny Little Bitch”, but the Senator’s daughter says that Celebrity Skin, the Hole album with that classic song, was “the soundtrack to my teenage years.”

Meghan McCain, the maverick Republican blogger who’s trying to make the GOP safe for all women, not just far-right Ann Coulter types, tweeted to followers, “ I forgot how much I love Courtney Love until I watched her Vh1 Behind The Music, I totally used to put sparkles in my hair like her circa 98.”

Love, the rather chaotic icon who fronted Hole, tweeted back, “@McCainBlogette xoxoxoxo.”

And then the xoxoxo ‘s really swung into action.

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Meghan to Courtney: “@CourtneyLoveUK I love twitter! 🙂 Big fan Courtney, you’re Celebrity Skin album was the soundtrack to my teenage years! Xoxoxo.”

Courtney to Meghan: Courtney retweeted again and wrote, “I love her @McCainBlogette rocks! xoxoxo”.

OK, we get it. By the time the exchange ended, Meghan was down to just four xoxo’s.

But all the positive vibes must have felt good to both of them. Let’s face it, strong women often get trashed in the media (we’re lookin’ at you, Hillary Clinton). So it’s no surprise that Meghan’s been criticized for everything from her moderate politics to her obvious cleavage, and Courtney’s been dissed for, well, just about every step she’s ever taken.

We’re glad twitter got them together. (Huffington Post)

Jane Farrell is a senior editor at BettyConfidential.

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