My 5 Fave Curly Hair Products

Here are the hair products that will make your curly hair extra gorgeous.

My 5 Fave Curly Hair Products

These are my go-to products to add bounce to my locks.

-Faye Brennan

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Here’s a little fun fact about me: I was voted “Best Hair” in High School because I wore my naturally curly hair with pride. Sure, it took me years to learn how to style it correctly, and every now and then I’d get teased for how big it was, but on the days it came out well, it truly was unlike anyone else’s.

Faye with curly hair

Nowadays, I wear it straight most of the time, but I love to break out the curls every once in awhile. Fellow curly-haired girls always ask me what products I use, so I’m sharing them with you now!

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1. Tresemme Flawless Curls shampoo ($5.14, and 2. Tresemme Flawless Curls conditioner ($3.87,

tresemme shampoo and conditioner

I am a Tresemme girl through and through. I swear by their shampoo and conditioner, because they leave my hair soft, silky, and best of all, knot-free. Any woman with curly hair knows how important a detangling product is – a thick moisturizing conditioner like this is all I need.

3. L.A. Looks Curl Look frizz control gel mega hold ($3.99,

L.A. Looks curly hair gel

After getting out of the shower and brushing my hair with a wide-tooth comb, I use L.A. Looks Gel twice: first, I run a dime-sized amount through my hair with my fingers to coat all of the strands. Then, I take another dime-sized amount and, with my head upside down, I scrunch my hair in my hands and shake my roots until I see the curls forming. Afterwards, I’ll wrap my hair lightly in a towel.

4. Tresemme TRES Two professional formula hair spray, extra hold ($2.99,

Tresemme hairspray

This is my secret weapon and the only hairspray I like to use. Before drying all the way, I will spray a light layer of hairspray to cover all of my hair (this really helps avoid frizz). I’ll also use hairspray after drying to keep flyaways in place, or to revive the curls later on during the day.

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5. Conair Cord-Keeper hair dryer ($34.99,

hair dryer

Using a diffuser is really the most important step to getting great, bouncy curls. When diffusing my hair, I like to flip my head upside down, pile some curls in to the top of the diffuser, and hold it in place for about thirty seconds. If you dry your hair like this in sections, you’ll have great all-over curls that will last the whole day. For an edgier look, try straightening the ends of your hair with a flat iron – it looks great!

Faye Brennan is assistant editor at BettyConfidential.

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  1. I have naturally wavy-curly hair and am Always looking for products to make it do the “ringlet curl” thing instead of the “frizz” thing! Will def try some of these! Thanks.

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