My Best Friend Stole My Boyfriend!

And other tales of bad girlfriends ...
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My Best Friend Stole My Boyfriend!

And other tales of bad girlfriends …

-Libby Keatinge

My Best Friend Stole My Boyfriend!

Your girlfriends are supposed to be with you for life, keep your secrets, stick up for you, and hold your hair when you throw up after a bit too much to drink. Those trustworthy girlfriends are true gems, but unfortunately the sad fact of friendship means dealing with a few girls you would rather kick to the curb then spend hours chatting with. We spoke to real women who had girlfriends who turned out to be a bit more Mean Girls than Sex And The City.

Sometimes girls are loners for a reason.

“I knew this girl for four years. We had been friends and then kind of lost touch. I ran into her at a Fourth of July party and she gave me some sob story about how she was down on her luck, hadn’t been socializing much, and had to move into a teeny apartment because things were going so badly for her. I felt bad for her so I invited her to my family’s Palm Springs home for the weekend. I woke up in the morning and my designer handbag, diamond ring from my grandmother, and watch were all gone! I could not track her down, have not seen her, and no one I know knows what happened to her. If you see her, let me know!” Ava, 30, from Los Angeles tells us.

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Think before you have a threesome, ladies!

“I was with my boyfriend for two years and thought that he was such a great loyal guy so I decided to give him a birthday gift: a threesome with me and a girlfriend who I thought I could trust,” Sharon, 29, from New York shares. “I knew her for three years and we talked and talked about how it would be perfect because she would never tell anyone or do anything I was uncomfortable with. It was actually an amazing experience but shortly after, my boyfriend and her developed a relationship on the side. He and I broke up, and to my shock, he married her shortly after! They are still together, so maybe they were meant to be. Either way, I don’t speak to either of them!”

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0 thoughts on “My Best Friend Stole My Boyfriend!

  1. My best friend and roommate in college periodically went after guys I was interested in- for awhile I just thought they liked her better until I realized she was targeting them. No, I don’t speak to her, and I hope she’s miserable!

  2. a threesome and you were shocked that he cheated on you? really? – if a guy cheats on you it’s on him not who he cheated with – not that she is much better, but he would have cheated with anyone

  3. Any friend who goes after your man while you’re together is not your friend – no matter what (including that weird three-way story). And what ever happened to ASKING your bff if you could go out with their ex after they break up? Or is this gay bff just stuck in a timewarp?

  4. No one can take away someone who truly loves you. If he strayed, he wasn’t that into you. I don’t call it cheating unless you are legally in a relationship. Otherwise, all bets are off! Just my opinion…….

  5. My so called best friend really did sneak in and ‘steal my man’. My husband and I hit a rough spot and she stepped in pretending to be a neutral party. I saw them playing tonsil hockey and realized I was better off divorced from both of them. They married, and their first kid, wasn’t his. Got what they deserved I figured.

  6. You should feel so incredibly grateful that neither of them are a part of your life. This guy may or may not have been extremely into you, who knows……..that’s not what the issue. The issue is his extreme lack of character and desire for one of the many extremely deviant forms of sexual behavior, a gateway into one of the many sex-“isms” that can lead to compulsive sexual actions. Why your self-esteem was so low as to offer to share your intimate partner is what needs to be the focus for you. As for him, along with forgetting about him, know that one of two things are coming their way: Either he WILL cheat on her and their relationship will ultimately collapse, or HER self-esteem and self-worth will become so degenerated and she will become so desensitized to this swinger’s lifestyle, that she too will be mentally ill, and they will continue their lives in dysfunction and detachment. (And hopefully their needs for deviant sexual gratification will not escalate into something criminal and disgusting.)

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