My Husband Never Wants to Spend Money!

You say "budget;” I say "you can't take it with you.”

My Husband Never Wants to Spend Money!

You say “budget;” I say “you can’t take it with you.”

-Melissa Chapman

man money cry!

This will not be a post about bashing my man… but he and I could not have more differing points of view when it comes to finances, or more aptly put: spending the green stuff. I am of the staunch school of thought that no matter how much you hoard it, ultimately you can’t take it with you. Whereas I’m convinced my husband thinks someone’s going to craft quilt out of cash to bury with him! (Or perhaps just line the casket with it…)

Okay, I don’t think he wants to physically take it with him, but gosh darn it he sure doesn’t feel at all comfortable spending it while he’s here.

My husband, unlike other M.D.s, has never felt inclined to wear his profession like a status symbol and park those M.D. plates on a Porsche. No, he is of sensible Honda stock. I mean he literally drove his 15-year-old Honda until old Bets was almost dead. It’s not that I am clamoring for a Bravo Housewives of Beverly Hills lifestyle – I mean how many nannies do two kids need? And do I really want my mouth stretched so tight via surgery that it begins to resemble that of a marionette? Heck no! (Though I’d take just a smidgen of Botox between my brows.)

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However. I think money is here to make your life easier and, if possible, to give you that little bit of extra oomph as you make your way through the day. And, for example, if you’re a kid who HAS to wear glasses — with no chance for contact lenses in your immediate future — well then, in my opinion, your face accessory should be as glamorous and fun as you can make it.

Or at least that’s how I felt when I took my kids to get their brand spankin’ new specs today.

Unfortunately my husband, who’d prefer we get our eye wear at Bargain Vision Village, appeared to be in physical pain as I let the kids choose their frames from that case that screamed big fat dollar signs. And while I was humming “rain drops and roses” and skipping around the store oohing and ahhing at how cute my kids looked in their newly chosen specs, I could’ve sworn I saw a lone tear trickle down his cheek as he handed over his credit card.

My question to all you guys — and married couples — do these men, who are so utterly attached to holding onto the green, ever let go?

Melissa ChapmanMelissa Chapman blogs about her marriage and everything in between at Her work has appeared in The Staten Island Advance,, ABC News, BlogHer, Baby Center, Momtourage, Lifetime Moms, Babble, The Washington Post, Time Out NY Kids and iVillage.

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2 thoughts on “My Husband Never Wants to Spend Money!

  1. No, no they don't. If we divorce, it will be because we couldn't enjoy one single holiday, and I am never allowed to spend a dime without seeing those tears and feeling guilt. Life is meant to be enjoyable. It's not enjoyable when you are never allowed to enjoy anything. Ever.

  2. I totally understand what you mean. And it's so hard when you see your friends going out on trips and eating. My hubby hasn't taken us on a trip or out for dinner for years!! The only trips we go on is conference trips I arrange ( I'm a dermatologist) and I actually have to lie to him that his and our daughters expenses are also being met with by my sponsors ( when in reality I pay their expenses) As for a new house, his explanation is that " A house is the worst thing a person can buy. It is a zero-profit investment"!!! Obviously his family's happiness and comfort aren't much of "profit" for him. That's why for the past decade we have been living in our second hand shabby apartment for the past several years… And guess what? My husband is an orthopaefic surgeon!!!!
    No they will never change….I have given up on my dreams forever

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