A Garment to Bringing Back Your Confidence + Contest to Win a Free Nobiyo™ Freshwear!

Nobiyo™ Freshwear solves a problem that so many of us suffer with – stress sweat, perspiration and odor that transfers to our clothes and keeps us from feeling fresh and confident.

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Finally, I have found the solution to sweaty armpits and odor—sans the workout, like when I am asking my boss for time off or a raise. Here comes the stress sweat!  Then, The Wall Street Journal asked whether deodorants really work in an article titled “Is Your Deodorant Working,” and I learned it was not just me—what a relief!

This got me on the hunt to solve the armpit-stench problem. Besides, I was getting so tired of getting my best blouses and sweaters ruined even after picking them up from the dry cleaner—how can that yellowing in the armpits be so damn permanent, what’s up with that?

Flash forward, to my good fortune I was given a sample of a great new product called Nobiyo™ Freshwear.  Nobiyo Freshwear was founded after Deborah Perry Piscione was giving a speech in Norway and caught herself in the onstage monitor and realized she had sweated through her suit—definitely not a good look onstage. She even went so far as to stuff her armpits with paper towels—you go girl!

This amazing product is a cool shirt that you wear underneath your clothes to draw sweat and perspiration away from your outer shirt and armpits, so you feel fresh and confident throughout the day. Nobiyo Freshwear also helps to control sweat not only under your armpits, but also your back and under your breasts—and who wants sweat there? Not me! This is a great product for so many women from sweat-hounds millennials, middle-aged women to menopausal ladies. Nobiyo, where have you been all my life? Worn as an undershirt, you can feel confident in the summer or the winter.  A win-win for all!

Nobiyo Freshwear is also working on some other clever ideas like underwear and undergarments that will have the same fantastic technology to combat the sweat and odor problem, very cool indeed!


For just $60, you can preorder either a short sleeve scoop neck or a short sleeve v-neck on the Nobiyo Freshwear website. Dude, get in line and I say hit the send button right away and banish sweat for good. These shirts are available for order in either nude, black or white.

What the heck are you waiting for? I say join the future movement to eradicate this annoying and stinky problem that has been around for longer than I care to mention and purchase this revolutionary product.

Nobiyo Freshwear will give you back your confidence—not a bad deal if you are sweating like a cow onstage!  You will no longer have to walk around with your hands down 24/7 for fear of having a huge sweat mark under your silk or cotton shirt. That’s definitely not a good look for anyone!  I say banish stench and rise up with confidence. Thanks Nobiyo Freshwear.

Take Nobiyo™ Freshwear’s Survey and enter to win a Free Nobiyo™ Freshwear!

Help Nobiyo Freshwear design the best base layer clothing for you! Complete their survey before December 31st and get a chance to win a F REE Nobiyo Freshwear stylish second skin undershirt. Click here to take Nobiyo™ Freshwear’s Survey.

Bonus! Share this survey with your friends using the hashtag #LiveLifeFresh, and we’ll add an extra entry into our draw for you!

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