Pain in the Pelvis

Dr. Lissa Rankin answers a reader's question on pelvic pain and what may be the cause of it.

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Pain in the Pelvis

Dear Lissa: Lately I’ve been having this strange periodic pain in my lower pelvic area on the right side. It’s really odd because it’s kind of a dull cramping/aching feeling that comes when I’m starting anything sexual with my fiance, even if he starts to move his hand down my stomach or something; and then today, I noticed some spotting (about 24hrs after last sexual encounter), which is really really unusual for me. I’m starting to freak out about what might be wrong with me. Any ideas?


Dear K: What you describe could be any number of things: a benign ovarian cyst, something gastrointestinal or urinary, endometriosis, a polyp, an abnormal pap smear, a fibroid, or nothing. Chances are that the discomfort and the spotting after sex are unrelated. Sounds like you need to see a gynecologist, sweetie. If you were in my office, I would want to do an internal exam, examine your cervix with a speculum to see if I could tell why you’re bleeding, and probably do an ultrasound to see if there’s anything I can’t feel. It’s probably nothing serious, but sometimes your body gives you these warning signals so you’ll pay attention and get help. So don’t freak out – chances are you’re just fine. But do check in with your doctor.

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