Perry Ellis And NWF Launch Project Beach

One click raises money for the Gulf Coast oil spill relief.

Perry Ellis And NWF Launch Project Beach

One click raises money for the Gulf Coast oil spill relief.

-Brooke Sager

Gulf clean up

Perry Ellis is lending a hand to the National Wildlife Federation’s (NWF) efforts to clean up the Gulf Coast oil spill. Together, they’ve introduced Project Beach—a mission to raise awareness and funds for the largest oil spill in America history.

“It’s difficult to watch this disaster and not feel compelled to help,” said Brett Dean, chief marketing officer of Perry Ellis International. “With this initiative, we have an opportunity to reach out to our customers and fans to help National Wildlife Federation toward a long-term solution for the Gulf Coast.”

The Miami-based brand has always seen the beach as a home and inspiration. As they hit the runways of New York on September 13th, their fashion show will recognize the NWF’s work. In addition, Perry Ellis is incorporating Project Beach in their upcoming events and advertisements. For the first time, they’re heading to the Gulf Coast to shoot their spring 2011 campaign.

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Now you can help Perry Ellis raise up to $25,000 for NWF’s restoration work! Visit the Project Beach Facebook Page and be one of the first 10,000 fans to “like” their fundraiser. Just click on the button, and you’ll prompt a $1 donation to NWF’s Gulf Oil Spill Restoration Fund. 

Brooke Sager is BettyConfidential’s multi-talented fabulous intern.

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0 thoughts on “Perry Ellis And NWF Launch Project Beach

  1. ewalsh says:

    I’m actually really impressed and I became a fan of the Project Beach Facebook page.

    Now if they could only send ou male models to do the cleanup, the world would really be a happier place.

  2. KelR1 says:

    Great cause! I feel terrible when I see pics of wildlife caught in the spill.

  3. Must Love Pink 16 says:

    Really great cause. Good for Perry Ellis!

  4. mothermeryl says:

    Good for them – this is a great cause!

  5. clc408 says:

    I clicked to donate. Bravo to them!

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