Photoshop Strikes Again: Demi Moore Becomes Latest Victim of Overzealous Editing

Demi Moore doesn't look like herself in the new Helena Rubenstein cosmetics ad. She doesn't even look human. And this needs to stop!

Photoshop Strikes Again: Demi Moore Becomes Latest Victim of Overzealous Editing

Demi Moore doesn’t look like herself in the new Helena Rubenstein cosmetics ad. She doesn’t even look human. And this needs to stop!

-Lucia Peters

Demi Moore photoshop nightmare

This? This is why the advertising industry needs a major overhaul. True, a heck of a lot of industries need major overhauls… but I mean, seriously!

It’s no secret that Photoshopping has become a real problem in ads. Whether it’s disproportionate limbs or missing hair, models are regularly tweaked and edited to disastrous result. And now Demi Moore has become Photoshop’s most recent victim in an ad for Helena Rubenstein cosmetics.

The cosmetics company is finding itself under fire this week for what they’ve done to Demi’s face in their new campaign. Demi has been through a lot lately, so it’s unsurprising that she’s been looking a little under the weather. She’s only human, after all; hardships wreak havoc on the best of us. But in this new ad, the 49-year-old actress looks roughly 20 years younger than she is, her skin looks like it’s been bleached, and her face is so smooth that it looks like a mask.

Long story short? Demi looks not at ALL like herself, and it’s horrifying.

So what’s been done to her? The Daily Mail talked to a picture editor for Life & Style to get a pro’s opinion. According to the picture editor, the work would have been done “by someone very expert” and would have taken at least a day to do. He remarked that he can really only speculate on what exactly has been done without having seen the original photos, but that he suspected her skin had been “heavily airbrushed” to eliminate hairs, pores, moles, etc.—and that in Demi’s case, they left pretty much nothing behind. Her cheekbones “look as though they have been heavily defined in after-effects,” and her naturally hazel eyes have been made green. There also may have been some “liquefication,” a process that reshapes the face. Even if each element was subtle in its change, when you combine them together, they “change the resulting face shape quite dramatically.”

Oof. Just… oof.

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This isn’t the first time Helena Rubenstein cosmetics have gone overboard in their editing of Demi, either. Back in 2009, Jezebel unearthed the original image of Demi shot for a Helena Rubenstein perfume ad in its un-Photoshopped state—and the difference between it and the finished ad was shocking. But at least she still looks like herself (relatively speaking), which is more than can be said for the new ad.

What I find the most baffling is how any sane person could think that images like this will successfully sell cosmetics. In the new ad, Demi doesn’t look like she has “flawless coverage.” She doesn’t look like her cosmetics have magically erased the ravages of time. She doesn’t even look like a person. She looks like a robot, and frankly, an automaton version of a well-known personage touting a product is not going to make me want to BUY said product. It’s going to make me want to run away in terror. It’s also a crime to treat Demi Moore like that! I mean, she’s Demi Moore! She may have had her troubles, but she’s still kind of awesome! Why would you do that to her?!

As Jezebel pointed out during the 2009 incident, it’s not that Demi looks bad because of the Photoshopping. It’s that the Photoshopping makes her look not like a human being. And if the standard of beauty—at least in ad campaigns—is such that people no longer look like people? That’s a problem. A big problem.

The really disheartening thing, though, is that the changes that would need to happen in the industry in order to fix these issues are so huge that they are unlikely to happen anytime soon. But in the meantime, maybe we can still learn to adjust our way of thinking. It’s okay to look your age. In fact, it’s better to look your age than to look like you’re made of plastic. Remember these ladies who have mastered the art of aging gracefully? That’s how we should aspire to be. Because we’re all awesome, no matter how old we are.

Now we just need to convince the rest of the world of that fact.

Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential’s associate editor.

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2 thoughts on “Photoshop Strikes Again: Demi Moore Becomes Latest Victim of Overzealous Editing

  1. And people wonder why our young ladies have body image problems? Why low self-esteem reigns rampant in our country? Demi is a beautiful woman, she has wrinkles, so what? She doesnt need to be photoshopped. It is insulting to anyone over the age of 20.

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