Private Lives At Work

A woman seeks advice regarding dating on the job.

What Would Debbie Do?

Dating My Co-Worker

Dear Debbie,

I work in a small community, in a small hospital. I am dating someone in my department (not administration) who is not my boss or subordinate. I can’t find any policies within the facility that tackle this situation so I figure that my job should be OK as long as we keep our personal life outside of work. We do not work the same shift so that should be easy. But I am still stressed out about it. Any suggestions? I can’t step back in time and not date, nor would I want to. We don’t plan on broadcasting our relationship to other employees either.

Dear Worried,

Since you are both equal in your jobs, and not in a subordinate position, I don’t think you have an issue with seeing each other. However, it’s wishful thinking that you’ll be able to keep your personal life private for a very long time. Nonetheless, not broadcasting it to others is probably a good idea. I wish you the best … it’s hard to find love!!

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