Road Test: Avon Super Shock Mascara

Your lashes will reach great lengths after only a few swipes from Avon's cool mascara!

Road Test: Avon Super Shock Mascara

Your lashes will reach great lengths after only a few swipes of Avon’s cool mascara!

-Diana Denza

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 I am a mascara fiend. To prove it, I have an entire makeup bag overflowing with tubes of the stuff–-and that’s just from this year. But sadly, I couldn’t quite find a mascara that I could wear everywhere from my home to the club…clump-free, of course!

That is, until I tried the Avon Super Shock Mascara ($4.99,, a totally affordable, must-have beauty product.

This lash-lengthening and defining formula is packed into a chic metallic blue tube, making finding it in an oversized tote a breeze. Since I’m constantly lugging around a stash of beauty tools around (yes, I accumulate products quickly), it’s rather easy to locate among my many lip glosses and eyeliners.

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But let’s face it: I’d dig until the polish chipped off my nails for the perfect mascara. In this case, I was able to experience best of both worlds. I put this Avon formula to the test over the Thanksgiving holiday, because if it could survive a stint back home, it could outlast anything. From teary films to midday naps brought on by a turkey-stuffed stomach, this mascara stayed picture perfect no matter how many onions were peeled next to me (wouldn’t it be nice to find a date like that?).

I coated my lashes once –no brushing or curling required for dinner with the family– which gave them a natural yet defined look that was perfect for hanging around the house.

For a night out on the town, I added about three more coats with absolutely no clumping. Yes, four coats total is a bit much (I’ll admit to getting slightly carried away), but I was just too tempted to put this product to the clump-test.

What I did end up with was faux-looking, impossibly long lashes –the perfect look for an evening out with the girls. How did I manage it? Well, the wand was incredibly easy to use. Even a tween beginner could get her lashes plump for prom without a fuss.

The bristles are short and spread out, yet they somehow managed to separate and coat nearly every lash –and I thought magic only happened in fairytales.

The one slight issue I had with this mascara was that it left a bit of under eye residue. In its defense, the formula wasn’t waterproof, so the combination of rubbing and watery eyes was mostly my fault here. So, if you feel the Zzzs coming on, make sure you wipe away any remaining mascara to avoid raccoon eye.

But besides this one tiny downside, you’ll love the way this mascara goes from family-dinner appropriate to party-all-night hot with a few swipes. This one’s for keeps, gals!

Diana Denza is a regular contributor to BettyConfidential.

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