Road Test: Hissyfit® Cosmetics

Hissyfit pampers your skin, and we conducted a road test of their best products.

Road Test: Hissyfit® Cosmetics

Hissyfit pampers your skin.

-PJ Gach

Hissyfit Cosmetics

We stomped our feet, begged and well, did a hissy fit until …at last! Finally, a cosmetics line that delivers results with delectable formulas and easy to understand techniques. Internationally known makeup artist Reggie Wells was so bowled over by them, he became their creative director. Reggie knows makeup and he knows women. He’s worked with Oprah and other luminaries, teaching all kinds of women how to apply makeup with confidence.

Hissyfit’s philosophy feels that your makeup should be simple, luxurious and gorgeous to enhance your beauty – every day. Plus, each item they create has rich botanicals and antioxidants to condition and nourish the skin while their high SPF products provide a barrier against harmful UVA/AVB rays. Say buh-bye to premature aging!

The Products           

Hissyfit Saving Face

I love my skin. I hate wrinkles. I want to fight off signs of aging as much as the next person. Hissyfit® Saving Face foundation | highlight ($29,, has SPF 50! Bye-bye sun damage. Seriously, this foundation is uber-light, blends easily, evens out your skin tone, and is long-wearing. It’s just plain great. What I like about it, besides the natural ingredients (green tea, pomegranate), is that it also works as a concealer. If your mornings are rushed, a product that multi-tasks like this one is perfect for you.

Hissyfit buffing powder

Stop shine in its tracks with Hissyfit Buffing Powder ($25, This lightweight finishing powder sets makeup and reduces shine. It contains botanical extracts (Aspen bark, green tea, wine and jojoba), so it also softens and protects your skin. If you’re going for a “no-makeup” look for the day, go ahead and use it as an alternative to a foundation.

Hissyfit handy work

Did you know that your hands show the first signs of aging? Blecch, right? Check out Hissyfit Soothing Hand Cream + SPF ($22, With SPF 30+, your hands will stay smooth and young looking for a long time. Tuck it into your purse and use it daily to stave away that winterized look too.

Hissyfit Body Double

Skin care doesn’t stop at the neck. It’s important to moisturize your entire body, especially during the cold, cruel months of winter. Hissyfit Body Double ($39, is a body moisturizer that contains SPF 30, combats free radicals and is ultra-hydrating. Smooth some on legs that have just been shaved. Slather freely to keep skin soft and fight off UVA/UVB rays.

The Results

I like the products. I like how easily the foundation glides on my skin. Now I don’t have to use a lot of product to create a face that radiates health. I do like how my friends will actually lean in, look at my face and say, “Your complexion looks great! What are you using?” Yes, this actually happened!

As for the moisturizers – well, don’t you hate it when you apply one and then have to fan it dry? Hissyfit absorbs instantly, so you don’t walk around looking like you’re attempting to fly.

If you’re looking for makeup and skin care that’s packed with SPF, antioxidants and moisturizers, but won’t leave your skin looking or feeling greasy, then check out Hissyfit Cosmetics. The products are gentle, effective and make you glow with good health.

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