Sarah Palin Proves Sexism is Alive and Well in America

Blatant sexism surround the VP choice of Sarah Palin

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Sarah Palin Proves Sexism is Alive and Well in America

We came a long way, baby … right?

-April Daniels Hussar

Whether you’re a Democrat or not, you have to admit that Hillary Clinton’s campaign for presidency was pretty darn impressive. She was a real contender – despite her gender. It was an historical moment, inspiration to women everywhere, and proof that the times, they have a changed.

As Hillary said herself at the convention the other night: “My mother was born before women had the right to vote. But in this election my daughter had the chance to vote for her mother for President.”

All that talk of 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling … it was just plain inspiring.

And now we have Sarah Palin.

Completely leaving politics aside for a minute (and that’s hard to do – I have some pretty strong opinions about this election), I’ve been appalled by the blatant sexism popping up all over the place – as if the fact that Palin is an attractive woman is reason enough to call her judgment and abilities into question.

Not less than an hour after I heard about McCain’s pick, someone forwarded me this link … You know what a MILF is, right?

Jim David at 23/6 posted an article titled “For VP Pick, McCain Uses the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency.” Right. Because why else would someone choose an attractive woman for a powerful office other than her looks?

I heart Perez Hilton, but I thought he seemed a wee bit more enlightened than to equate being a “hottie” with being a “slut”. Hi Perez, it’s the 21st century. Isn’t it about time to retire that very word?

And I’ve seen more than a handful of blog commenters talk about Palin’s totally theoretical postpartum depression – here’s just one example:

And, I know this is a sexist thing to say, but a woman with 5 children, and a 5 month old baby to boot has no business being out on the campaign trail and becoming vice president. Has anyone considered she may suffer from post partum depression or come down with it in the near future?

Um, that‘s right, a*%hole – that is a mighty sexist thing to say.

A few more choice examples from the Web:

From (Typos theirs not mine.)

Palin is just another weave wearing woman using her body and looks to get ahead. Looks certainly count with McCain thats why after his first wife was disfigured, he left her and moved on to plastic Cindy. Sarah Palin is a woman who has children that need her attention. The infant child has Down Syndrome and the older girls are fully developed and this is no time for their mom to be neglecting them. There is no way to be on the road traveling, defending McCain and Bush, trying to raise money and get votes without negelecting your kids. That husband of hers looks like he will cheat at the first chance he gets.

Wonkette has a whole page of “GILF” tags. Nice. pulls out the old “naughty librarian” chestnut:

We see it is literally true that everyone loves Tina Fey. And what’s not to love? She’s funny, clever and has that whole sexy/naughty librarian thing going for her. We agree with John McCain that she would make an exceptional Vice President, and along with him mourn that she refused his invitation to join the Republican ticket. It looks like John bounced back well enough, instead selecting a different naughty librarian, Alaskan Sarah Palin, as his running mate … Do you suppose McCain auditioned Sarah by having her do the fake news with his wife Cindy playing the Amy Poehler role?

Call Sarah Palin out on her support of creationism, her extreme pro-life stance, her potential ties to big oil, her dismissal of global warming, her inexperience. Fine. (I will.) Ask whether John McCain chose a woman merely in a cynical bid to grab all those disappointed Hillary supporters. (Good question.) But just think for a minute before you forward some dumb GILF joke, snicker because Palin once ran for Miss Alaska, or question the ability of a mother of five to do just about damn anything.

Tell us: What do you think about Sarah Palin as VP? Have you seen sexist news or opinion coverage about her?

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