Snooki's Advice on Dealing With Rumors

'Jersey Shore's' Smurfette has a cool line of accessories and smart advice on how to deal with rumors and bullies.

Snooki’s Advice on Dealing With Rumors

Jersey Shore’s Smurfette has a cool line of accessories and smart advice on how to deal with rumors and bullies.

-PJ Gach


Donald Trump had better watch out. It looks like Snooki’s got as good a head for business as he does — and poofier hair! Her line of sunnies, slippers, and bags, as well as her new fragrance, “Snooki by Nicole Polizzi,”are all launching on HSN this Thursday, November 10th. For Snooki, this is just the start of her empire.

I got the chance to meet her at the end of last week during the sneak peek preview of the merch. As far as the sunnies go: there’s a wide array of styles aviators, square and round. Some of them aren’t bling’d out, while some of them are. I fell in love with a few pairs, but picked just one with pearls, gold studs and more on the arms. Hey, you only live once!

The slippers look like something a cartoon character would wear. They’re overstuffed and designed to look like sneakers. And, um, I’m wearing them now.

snooki fragrance

As for the fragrance, Snooki said that she wanted to make “the appearance of the perfume to be very gaudy and very tacky like me and I think I did that.”

She went on to say, “About the smell, I definitely wanted it to be bubbly, like my personality, very flirtatious, very cute. There are scents of kiwi in it, lots of sugar notes. And I just wanted it to be very cute and flirty. Anybody could wear it. I always say my perfume, or any of my products never discriminate against any age.” It’s sweet, feminine and flirty. The dry down has musky-floral tones.

When talking about Snooki, it’s easy to be dismissive of her. After all, she appears buffoonish on Jersey Shore. It’s easy to get pre-conceived notions about her intelligence and business savvy. So, when you compliment her, no matter how you phrase it, the praise appears to be a backhanded compliment.

Before I read her new book, Confessions of a Guidette ($13.15,, I was convinced it would be full of useless junk, pandering to her audience. Okay, yes, there’s some nonsense in there, but it’s all done in good fun. If you were to distill the ethos of this guide, it’s to love yourself, take care of yourself and honor yourself. This is more along the lines of Deepak Chopra than Snooki.

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During the interview, I asked her how she juggles all her duties: Jersey Shore, work, personal appearances and a private life, Snooki responded, “It’s not really that hard, I mean I try to cut down on personal appearances because I want more of a business look for me, rather than going out and partying for a couple of bucks. I’d rather have my business….”

Behind the façade of heavy makeup, poof and uber-long nails, is a wise young woman. During the interview, I asked her, “What’s the silliest interview question you’ve ever been asked?” What I got was a ton of advice on how to deal with nasty rumors and bullying.

Watch the video to hear it all.


PJ Gach is Senior Editor: Style + Beauty at BettyConfidential.

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