So, what if? Good Behavior, Living by Your Rules!

So they say good behavior comes from one’s environment and your parents teaching you right from wrong. I say, “So, what if?” I live my life as I see fit and feel empowered by my choices.


So they say good behavior comes from one’s environment and your parents teaching you right from wrong. I say, “So, what if?”

I live my life as I see fit and feel empowered by my choices.  A smooth upbringing is great, but being confined to the norms can be boring. It’s great to branch out and test the waters and be your authentic self. We are the commanders of our own domain and must live by our choices. Living a positive life is the way to go.  That’s why I was drawn to the new TV show GOOD BEHAVIOR, starring Michelle Dockery, from Downton Abbey. It is great to see her step outside her comfort zone and play this fascinating character of Letty.  Letty seeks to improve but gets sidetracked by a mysterious and handsome man…more on that to come!

Letty is being let out of jail early for good behavior and she’s determined to live a better life, but her good intentions leads her down another path, all while knowing that she’s determined to do better. Amazing how life turns like that!

Life is a little complex sometimes; you can have all the best intentions in mind, but fate or happenstance changes the course of things in your day-to-day existence.  It’s compelling to see a new and nuanced character on TV bring so much energy and chutzpah to the evening. TNT has really come up with a great idea here. This makes for compelling TV.  

Now back to the handsome stranger, I love these types. The character of Javier is further reason to tune in.  He’s so bad that he’s good to watch.  Everyone loves the baddie on TV, it makes for fun TV viewing.  He’s not only mysterious, methodical and oh-so cautious, but he also has a professional code he lives by: a very sexy combination for a TV character. Nobody could ever imagine that this very handsome man with those very dreamy eyes would indeed be a killer; he’s so good at what he does, until he meets Letty. Then the drama begins.


With a cast of other interesting characters from Letty’s parole officer, to her mother and her son, you can’t help but be drawn into this great new show on TNT. 

So, I say, live your life on your terms and live up to the code you have for you.  Live your life by the positive choices you make and set out to live a balanced and nuanced life.  One should always life on their terms and not get pigeonholed into doing something they feel is not authentic to them.  Good Behavior is all about trying to live a better life, even if it can get muddled along the way. Remember, even when you take a wrong turn, you can always choose a new path. It’s like the old saying, when you fall off the horse, you get back up and get back on that horse. Words to live by! Tune in to see Good Behavior; you won’t be disappointed!

Sponsored by Good Behavior on TNT. Watch the 2-episode series premiere Tuesday, November 15 at 9/8c.

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32 thoughts on “So, what if? Good Behavior, Living by Your Rules!

  1. Sometimes it is really hard to live life on your own terms. But I am getting good at saying no to people who want me to solve all of their problems. I am a strong women who takes care of herself, but sometimes I have to take a stand and not care what others think and do what I want for a change.

  2. I live my life on my own terms by not caring about what other people think of me. I live by my own convictions yet live responsibly and contribute positively to society.

  3. I settle on beyond any doubt that I settle on choices that make me glad and not simply accomplishing something since I believe it's what's anticipated from me. I carry on with my life all alone terms by not thinking about what other individuals consider me

  4. I live my life by taking my family happiness and well being as well as my own happiness into consideration. It use to bother me in regards to what others though but now I figure if they don't like my decisions there's the door.

  5. I always think people say – I want to become like this man, WHY they say? Why anyone want to become like someone else, why not being what I am! Why hurt someone? Why don't make happy? It is a Good behaviour to live for others and define your own rules which are perfectly coined, but think of the humanity first.

  6. Great is playing a game with everyone..but the correct way need to go so then will surely get a bright life in every future…it will depend on our thoughts…the best thing is believing our self and this one is enough to do achieve something in every life….thank you….

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