Style Editor Vs. Style Editor Kmart Shop-Off!

Which editor can create two sexy, fun and wearable outfits for only $100?

Style Editor Vs. Style Editor Kmart Shop-Off!

Which editor can create two sexy, fun and wearable outfits for only $100?

-PJ Gach

pj gach makeda saggau-sackey

The competition started innocently with just one tweet. That’s all it took: a tweet. You see, I was on Twitter one day, chirping as one does when I came across a tweet from Kmart Fashion. The tweet contained a link to their holiday look book. I clicked. I swooned. The over-the-knee boots, the hats, the accessories, the sexy dresses! It all looked so hautely hawt, so I commented. Makeda Saggau-Sackey, an editor from the Glamazon Diaries then made a comment. In a few seconds the three of us; Kmart Fashion, Glamazon Diaries and I were all cooing over the collection. Then it escalated when GD said we ought to have a shop-off. That’s right, which of us could create the stellar outfit?

When it comes to shopping, I have a black belt in it. So does Makeda. So I knew this was going to be a fun, friendly contest. We also have different styles and tastes, so our respective styles would also be a cool way to showcase the versatility of the clothing.

Ms.Glamazon Diaries AKA Makeda is a glamourpus. She favors classic well tailored pieces that show of her curves. My style, well I guess if you had to label it, would be called, “Rushed.” I toss on vintage, luxe and budget labels all at once, create something I think is cool (others may give me a double-take) and I’m out the door.

It was a dark, rainy day when we met up at the gigantic Kmart on 34th Street in Manhattan. Our duel time was set for 3 pm, but sneaky me got there early so I could scope it out. Wrong move! Tops, skirts and bags kept leaping off the racks screaming, “Buy me! Buy me!” I was strong and resisted (this doesn’t mean that I’m not going back, I am, I must adopt those poor items and give them a good home).

When we met up, it wasn’t back to back counting 20 paces. It was more like, “OMG! Did you see this top?” “Nooooo, check out this dress!” And “Sofia, you’re killing me, I’m gonna drop my paycheck in this store for all of your clothes.” Yeah, you could say we were just a tad over-excited.

Sarah R, our lovely guide to the wonders of Kmart Fashion, Makeda and I discussed what type of shop-off we should do. I suggested that we take the $100 gift card and create two outfits for the holidays: one for going to a party and a casual outfit for lunch with friends. Everyone agreed, shopping carts were grabbed and the race was on!

pj in furry hat

Makeda made her way over to shoeland, while I got sidetracked by faux fur vests and hats. While I looked all around the store, admiring everything, I kept going back to Sofia Vergara’s vee-necked tops, Selena Gomez Dream Out Loud collection and the Shapesational line of dresses and separates. Shapesational has shapewear built into their things (Hallaloo!).

pj in sofia vergara top

I finally hit the dressing room. The above photo of me is in the dressing room (trying on clothing is exhausting!). 

cllothing from kmart

I went through a bazillion tops, a bazillion dresses and skirts.  It’s not that I didn’t like them, I did-and yes, sigh, I am going back to get them-it’s just that I was on a mission! A mission to make two outfits that I would wear again and again.

After a lot of trying on things, I came up with two outfits…


pj kmart night

The holiday outfit consisted of Sofia by Sofia Vergara blue surplice top ($16.09,,  Sofia by Sofia Vergara side ruffle kirt: ($10.49. , Sofia by Sofia Vergara Floraine lace shooties ($26.49,  and Sofia by Sofia Vergara gold and diamond necklace ($14.99,


pj gach kmart holiday day

To hang out with friends, whether for drinks, shopping, or anything else, I decided to go “Hollywood Boho,” so  I grabbed a newsboy cap  by Bongo ($4.99,, wore the same Sofia Vergara blue top and paired it with sparkly dark gray Selena Gomez jeans Dream Out Loud skinny jeans ($16.80,, they have sparkly rhinestones on the back pocket flaps. For an accessory, I chose  a cool vintage looking silver and rhinestone Bongo key pendant ($9.99,  and wore the same shooties by Sofia.

The whopping total for all seven items was $99.84. Yup, under a $100! Later that night I went out to dinner with a really good friend who covers all of the high fashion shows in Europe. When I told him that everything I had on, from the cap to the shoes were from Kmart, he choked on his water.

These items have become part of my wardrobe foundation. I’m constantly pairing the jeans with different tops an shoes. The blouse and skirt by Sofia make me feel sophisticated and sexy. And the two necklaces—heck they’re worn with everything!

To see what Makeda chose, check out her post.

As for me, doing the shop-off has now opened a dangerous new world for me. I’m highly impressed with Kmart’s quality in clothing and accessories. While I and my wallet are thrilled with the prices, my closet is now not speaking to me anymore.

Tell us: what do you think of the haul I captured at Kmart?

PJ Gach is Senior Editor: Style + Beauty at BettyConfidential.

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