4. 90210: It's baaaack!

L.A. Confidential 90210: It’s baaaack! We celebrate our fav TV zip code with the best 90210 quotes of all time – Carrie Seim Before The Hills, before The O.C., before The Fake Real Housewives of Who Freaking Cares – there was a little neighborhood I liked to visit each week. It was called Beverly Hills […] Continue reading

5. Shannen Doherty Gets a Slap of Reality

In the News Shannen Doherty Gets a Slap of Reality Police have no clue who she is -Julie Ryan Evans This one really makes me laugh. Apparently Shannen Doherty went to complain to the police about paparazzi following her, and they were like, uh why would they be following you? Because they had NO IDEA […] Continue reading

6. Good for Tori!

Seen and Heard Good for Tori! Spelling introduces new daughter Stella -Julie Ryan Evans In my days as an avid Beverly Hills 90210 watcher, I must say I wasn’t a fan of Donna. I found her and all her prudish ways annoying, and didn’t really get why Kelly or Brenda would want to hang out […] Continue reading