2. The Space Between Us

The Space Between Us Step away from the snuggles By: Kara Posner A friend recently asked me how the whole marriage thing was going. He asked if my husband I were hitting the “separate bedroom stage” yet. Having never heard of this stage I was intrigued. “Do tell,” I said. He said, “Yeah, every couple […] Continue reading

3. Bless This Dress

Bless This Dress A wedding miracle By: Kara Posner Ladies, pick out your shade of jealously. I have a great wedding dress story. I was driving the three hours to my fiance’s city when the sign for Popeye’s beckoned me towards their popcorn shrimp. (yes, this is about a wedding dress.) Popeye’s didn’t show up […] Continue reading

4. Workin' It On Out

Workin’ It On Out What type of exercise works for you? By: Kelly Keenan Trumpbour I like exercise. I really do. Just, not all the time, and usually not in group settings. For instance, I thought I was someone who might like step aerobics. But I’m not. When I entered the room for my first […] Continue reading

5. Ch Ch Ch Changes

Ch Ch Ch Changes Putting a dead-end job to rest By: Kara Posner I have been at a job for seven years; about four years too long. It was survival work to support me while I figured out what I wanted to do. Seven years, two abandoned courses of study, and a few promotions later […] Continue reading

6. This Job is Just Not That Into You

This Job is Just Not That Into You By: Kelly Keenan Trumpbour How long do you hang out in a job before you decide it stinks worse than your boyfriend’s socks? Sure, it sounds like there should be an easy and immediate answer, -Alex, I’d like to take ‘Kiss my Grits as I Walk My […] Continue reading

7. Suffragette City

Suffragette City Why your vote counts By: Lois Requist I can’t remember my motivation to vote being as low as it was Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2004. The amount of money spent on campaigns and voting districts being drawn to protect incumbents made me cynical. On Election Day, I was to serve on a jury and […] Continue reading

8. Office Space

Office Space The top 10 behaviors good co-workers avoid By: Melissa Harvison Talking on the phone constantly about personal issues. Sucking your teeth. Eating strong smelling foods at your desk. Listening to loud music at your desk. Wearing strong smelling cologne or body oils. Having a mobile phone that rings frequently. Talking to your neighbor […] Continue reading

9. Goin' Solo

Goin’ Solo You? Check. Open Road? Check. By: Lois Requist I spent almost a year traveling solo in an RV, seeing America. When people heard of my impending trip, they usually asked, “Aren’t you afraid?” and “Won’t you be lonely?” I had thought these things through pretty carefully. I’d be OK. Many people remained unconvinced. […] Continue reading

10. Oh, What a Night

Oh, What a Night Fun with dating duds By: Kara Posner There are so many terrific bad date stories, if only there was enough blog space on the internet. I fully acknowledge that there may be bad date stories with fingers pointed in my direction. This still doesn’t humble me from relishing the retelling of […] Continue reading

11. PJs and Power Suits

PJs and Power Suits Finding peace somewhere in-between By: Kelly Keenan Trumpbour I work out of my home office, and neither my cat nor my husband is picky about the dress code. In fact, I had to dissuade my husband of the notion that hot pants and a see-through bra is not what Cokie Roberts […] Continue reading

12. Loves Me, Loves Me Not

Loves Me, Loves Me Not Leave those petals alone; here are the top 10 signs you’re in love. By: Melissa Harvison Your feelings are returned in kind by your partner. You catch yourself dreaming of a future together. Other people have faded to the periphery of your thoughts. The two of you have gotten through […] Continue reading

13. The Single Parent Blues

The Single Parent Blues Rough patches after divorce By: Irene Webb The last thing I want is my husband back. Yet, here I am, at another parent-teacher night, wishing to every higher power that I wasn’t doing this alone, again. I don’t want him back, I don’t. Yet I have these obligations that request, “…the […] Continue reading

14. Danger: Relationship Rehab Ahead

Danger: Relationship Rehab Ahead Are you a fixer-upper? By: Kara Posner At one point a friend of mine and I were discussing the logistics of how we would probably live as singletons into old age. At about 75 we would pick out some kick-butt rocking chairs, a house large enough for all of our cats, […] Continue reading

15. Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Should I Stay Or Should I Go? By: Kara Posner I’ve done a lot of moving around the U.S. One city in particular was a poor match for me. The high amount of traffic and endless strip malls detracted from where others told me to look for beauty and peace. I had a hard time […] Continue reading

16. Fight or Flight

Fight or Flight You’re bound to disagree—but then what? By: Kara Posner I was talking to a friend the other day when the words, “My husband and I fight fair,” crossed my lips. I said this because while we have had our share of hurt feelings and disagreements, one of us doesn’t tend to inflict […] Continue reading

17. Rank Your Friends

Rank Your Friends By: Kara Posner If you were getting married (or renewing your vows), how would you rank the following 9 friends? Rank them from “1,” being the Maid of Honor, to “9” she might get an announcement. She was the first person you thought of to drive the two hours to pick you […] Continue reading

18. Mom! It's the President.Line One!

Mom! It’s the President…Line One! Is your ambition worth it? By: Susannah Wellford Shakow I grew up with big plans and I spent my 20s pursuing my ambitions. I worked in the U.S. Senate and the White House, I went to a prestigious law school, and I got a job in a coveted law firm […] Continue reading

19. Accept Who You Are. . . Now Change

Accept Who You Are. . . Now Change By: Kelly Keenan Trumpbour Okay, raise your hand if at some point during your adolescence you knew Madonna would be quaking in her pointy cone bra if only a record producer could see your fabulous lip- synching routine to “Material Girl” (you know the one, hairbrush as […] Continue reading

20. Raise your hand if you're…, you know

Raise your hand if you’re…, you know By: Kara Posner How do I know which way a romantic relationship is going? How can I be so sure? Everyone has different cues and clues. For me, I relate to an old Saturday Night Live sketch where a man and a woman were at dinner getting to […] Continue reading