35. A Year to Nap

Mom to Mom A Year to Nap Reflections on sleepless nights and busy days -Stephanie Elliot With my youngest child in first grade now, all three of my children are gone all day long. I have looked forward to – and dreaded – this time in my life for as long as I have been […] Continue reading

36. I Want a Dog!

Just Another Manic Mommy I Want a Dog! Dear Manic Mommy: How can I get my parents to buy me a dog? I know the reason they won’t get me one, because my mom said I don’t keep my room clean. I wrote my mom and dad a letter saying that if I keep my […] Continue reading

37. She's Not Talking about the Baby Bottle

Just Another Manic Mommy She’s Not Talking about the Baby Bottle Dear Manic Mommy: Is drinking wine OK, and how much a week? I’m 13 weeks pregnant, and due in February. Manic Mommy: Drinking wine or anything alcoholic is never OK while pregnant, and if you are asking if you can, and how much you […] Continue reading

38. My Daughter's OD'ing on Sugar!

Just Another Manic Mommy My Daughter’s OD’ing on Sugar! Dear Manic Mommy: I’m an experienced intermediate teacher. I have four kids: three girls (8, 10 and 12) and a 2-year-old boy. My 12-year-old has always been given a lot of responsibility but now she has started to behave extremely badly. She breaks her things, wastes […] Continue reading

39. The Crystal Ball Says …

Just Another Manic Mommy The Crystal Ball Says … Dear Manic Mommy: I’m having these symptoms: lightheadedness, bloating, fatigue, nausea, headaches and cramping but my period isn’t due for another week. What do you think it is? Manic Mommy: You didn’t mention to me at all about when you had sex during your cycle so […] Continue reading

40. Crampin' My Style

Just Another Manic Mommy Crampin’ My Style Dear Manic Mommy: I am having sharp cramps in my lower abdomen and I am only four weeks pregnant. Do you have any suggestions? Manic Mommy: It could be implantation of the embryo, but I would bring up your concern with your doctor at your next appointment. As […] Continue reading

41. Under Pressure!

Just Another Manic Mommy Under Pressure! Dear Manic Mommy: Hi how are you? I am 28 weeks pregnant and I have been feeling pressure down in my pelvic area for about a week and mild Braxton Hicks contractions. I know Braxton Hicks are normal, but I don’t think the pressure is. I have two other […] Continue reading

42. To School in a Diaper?

Just Another Manic Mommy To School in a Diaper? Dear Manic Mommy: What is the easiest way to potty-train a 3-year-old boy? He has no interest at all and is going to be attending school. I can’t send him in a diaper! Manic Mommy: Potty training + No Interest = Not Going to Happen. I […] Continue reading

43. How Do They Get in There?

Just Another Manic Mommy How Do They Get in There? Dear Manic Mommy: My daughter is 5 years old. She wants to know how babies get into the mommy’s belly. What is the simplest answer to that question? Manic Mommy: I remember making this parenting mistake: telling too much too soon. When my son was […] Continue reading

44. A Baby Changes Everything

In Her Words A Baby Changes Everything What’s in store for a marriage with a new addition? -Jennifer Canzoneri, She Likes Purple I’ve been thinking a lot about Mike and me lately, and come February how so much will change for us. Mike’s not worried, he never is, but long before I ever thought of […] Continue reading

46. Baby Fever for one

Woman to Women Baby Fever for one When only one of you wants a baby By: Beth Morrissey Spring is the in the air, and everywhere you look, you see new life. Flowers, trees, birds, bees and, yes, babies are all over the place. Whether statistics support it or not, if you want a baby, […] Continue reading