27. Why Is It "Fashionable" to be Skinny?

Fashionista 411 Why Is It “Fashionable” to be Skinny? Dear Fashionista411: Why in fashion’s mind do you have too be thin when 90% of the world are nice size people? Fashionista411: Unfortunately our society likes to judge everything, no matter what it is. The fashion industry can be very critical at times but many designers are […] Continue reading

29. Reality Parenting: My Beautiful Mommy

In Her Words Reality Parenting: My Beautiful Mommy Guess who’s bonding in the plastic surgeon’s office? By: Mary Beth Sammons Guess we should have seen it coming. There’s no question we live in an increasingly complex world that challenges us every day with a wide range of disturbing issues that are difficult for children to […] Continue reading

30. Accentuate the Negative

Woman to Women Accentuate the Negative Find someone to love your butt By: Reed Walton “Daaaaaaaaaaaammmn! She got a big butt!” OK, that’s hard for anyone to hear, right? Especially at 19 impressionable years old, and in the middle of the fashion district in lower Manhattan. “Cringe” is an understatement. Unfortunately, I carried that understatement […] Continue reading