What Guys Think: Ten First Date Dos and Don’ts

A real guy dishes on what guys want, and what they don't want on a first date.
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First Date Dating Do's and Don't's

Ah the first date. In your teens and 20s it is always filled with anticipation and excitement. You get your best shoes, best pants, put all the finishing touches on so there will be no way you could go wrong. You are the object of desire. A beautiful lust puppy ready to do dirty things in private, yet still be sweet enough to be brought home to meet mom and dad.

Of course, when you get into your 30s it’s a little different. You want to look good, but it’s a little more business like. You have questions prepped. You know what you will discuss. You have it down to a science—where you grew up and went to school—so it will take 90 seconds and you can get to more important matters like net worth, goals, and what can this person do for you.

By 40, well, I’m not ashamed to admit it. I do everything on a first date. To be honest, it’s the best way to tell if I want to have a second date. Clock is ticking and even if it isn’t great, at least I got some and can move on easily.

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But, in the interest of sparring you all details of my experiences and monthly condom costs, allow me to give you the top ten things you should and should not do on a first date.

10. Do compliment your date on his clothes. Ok, even if it looks like he ordered them from the Abercrombie catalog past their expiration time, give him some points for trying to at least look good.

9. Don’t go on and on about how you had to mix and match your high end Gucci with your low end H&M. You will seem like a label whore no matter what and no one really respects those people, not even the label whores because they will only try to diss you or out-label you.

8. Do humorously talk about the trials and tribulations of dating. The fact is, everyone has a funny story to tell about a great date or a bad date, and it is a topic that can be engaging and fun. Plus, it is common ground to get the conversation going.

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  2. Of course, when you get into your 30s it's a little different. You want to look good, but is a little more similar businesses. You have prepared questions. You know what will be discussed. You have to go down to science where he grew up and went to school-so it will take 90 seconds and can reach more important issues such as equity, goals, and what this person can do for you.

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