36. Welcome to Betty's Lit Lounge!

Betty’s Lit Lounge Welcome to Betty’s Lit Lounge! The spot for book lovers -Stephanie Elliot You’re obviously a reader, because, heck, you’re doing so right now, and we’re so excited to be unveiling a new feature for you here at! Once a reader, always a reader, and obviously, I’m also a writer, and […] Continue reading

37. Book Smart

Mom to Mom Book Smart Five easy ways to help your kids become better readers -Jennifer Trannon We’ve heard it over and over since our first child exited the womb: Read to your children. Every. Day. So we did. We read Goodnight Moon and One Fish Two Fish and books about fire trucks and Thomas […] Continue reading

38. Reader Breeder

Mother-Daughter Moment Reader Breeder Sharing my love of books with my daughter -J.D. Smith Today, my daughter, Bailey, got her first library card! I got a bit weepy, as I have such a deep respect and appreciation for libraries and a great love for books. It was a tender rite of passage to introduce Bailey […] Continue reading