6. They're Dissin' my Kids!

Just Another Manic Mommy They’re Dissin’ my Kids! Dear Manic Mommy: I have two sons, identical twins who are 6 years old. They have best friends who are girls, but now the girls are starting to ignore my boys and are playing with other girls. My sons do have friends who are boys, but they get […] Continue reading

7. Helping Your Child Through Hurt

Helping Your Child Through Hurt Those 8-Year-Olds Broke My Heart By: Shayna Englin When I had my son, Caleb, I was scared to death of parenthood. I couldn’t imagine how I’d manage the sleeplessness (it was excruciating), how I’d tamp down my gag reflex to clean up after various bodily functions (just barely), and how […] Continue reading