12. Tween Bikini Wax

L.A. Confidential Tween Bikini Wax Preteen girls are worried about waxing -Carrie Seim It’s a disgusting hate-your-body role reversal. Women who wax it all off in an attempt to look like prepubescent girls are now being emulated by those very same children. According to a recent Today show piece, more and more mothers are taking […] Continue reading

13. Why Vacay Dating Is So Sexy

Love+Sex Why Vacay Dating Is So Sexy A change of scene brings out my romance mojo -Carrie Seim There’s something incredibly seductive about being a stranger in a strange land. That new-to-you luster stimulates your senses, making you more aware of your world (and its hot inhabitants). I always feel more alive and attractive when […] Continue reading

14. Who Has Time To Date?

Kissing Frogs Who Has Time To Date? I’m too busy to see a doctor, let alone search for true love -Carrie Seim I seriously have no time to date. Between work, friends, family, exercise, volunteering, Spanish class, attempts at evolving into a better human being and flossing – when exactly am I supposed to meet […] Continue reading

15. Sleepover with Scarlett Johansson?

Celebrities Sleepover with Scarlett Johansson? A web contest promises a threeway with the sexy star -Carrie Seim Forget an Olympic gold medal – I want to win the undoubtedly unsanctioned, definitely delicious contest posted on The site promises a “smokin’ hot threesome”* to whomever emails the “most personal and creative” entreaty for a menage-a-Scarlett. […] Continue reading

16. The Best of SATC

In the News The Best of Sex and the City Our favorite scenes -the Bettys If you haven’t noticed lately, there’s been just a little hype surrounding the release of Sex and the City, the Movie, and we’re feeding the frenzy too. We asked some of our Bettys to chime in with their favorite scenes […] Continue reading