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4. Love. Angel. Music. Baby (fashion)

Teeny-Tiny Indulgences Love. Angel. Music. Baby (fashion) A “fatal attraction for cuteness” inspires Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku hip baby clothes -Mary Beth Sammons The princess of cool, singer and designer Gwen Stefani has made her mark with her own midriff-baring creations. Now, this young mom with another baby due this August has launched her second line […] Continue reading

5. Tori Spelling Plays Nice!

CelebriMom Tori Spelling Plays Nice! Tori’s tool for busy mamas -Stephanie Elliot aka Manic Mommy Scroll down for contest details to win an autographed play date planner from Tori, plus a bevy of Mott’s for Tots products!! Play dates are not only fun for kids, but they’re great for moms to connect and refresh, a […] Continue reading

6. Our Top 10 Favorite Celebrity Moms

Our Top 10 Favorite Celebrity Moms (Angelina Jolie not included!) -April Daniels Hussar You can’t open a magazine or switch on your computer these days without being bombarded by celebrity mom and babies. But who are the ones who really seem to love motherhood, who protect their kids from all the craziness, who treat their […] Continue reading